Weekly Safety Message

Stairs and Elevator Safety

At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about Stairs and Elevator Safety

Click here to read the safety message on the ECRM Safety Always Page!

Weekly O&M HSE Performance Report

For the Week Ending December 7

The O&M HSE performance report for the week Ending 12/7/2018 is now available on ECRM.

Phone System Survey

by Cory Reinking, Director, IT Operations

IT is evaluating hosted voice solutions to replace our current corporate phone system. Further investment in our existing ShoreTel phone system will be required to maintain supportability if we don’t make a change. So we are looking at alternatives that could offer significant savings and lower administrative burden for the team. A new platform will offer all of the same capabilities we have today, as well as enable new feature that don’t exist with our current system. We encourage you to participate in a quick 5-minute survey to better understand how you use your phone and the other associated voice services.

Click HERE to take the survey.

Double Match for San Diego Holiday Food Bank $ Donations

by Lauren Seidel Administrative Assistant

We have reached the halfway mark for our 2018 holiday food drive and want to give a big thank you to everyone who has already donated food and funds on the GIVE platform.

For the final week we will increase the match for donations made through GIVE to 2X match! For every $1.00 donated to the SD Food Bank or Camp Fire campaigns, EDF Renewables will match $2.00. Last year EDF Renewables helped to provide 16,275 meals to San Diego families in need through GIVE donations alone!

So far this year, we have raised $1,800 for the SD Food Bank ($600 from employees and $1200 from EDF). Let’s reach to push these numbers higher!

Reminder: The last day to donate food will be on Wednesday, December 19th  and donations given through GIVE will be tallied on Friday, December 21st.

Donation Locations:   (4) Drop-off barrels and several ‘gift-wrapped’ boxes are located throughout the office areas, in both buildings, as well as in the Atrium.  You can also bring your donation to Café Merlot staff during service hours, in the Innovation Café, and receive a FREE dessert!

Local families are counting on us this holiday season. We can do this!

Is your location doing anything special for the Holidays?

Send us your info and photos and we will spotlight you in The Wire!

EDF Renewables Recognizes Employees for SafeStart Stories

Announcing the October 2018 SafeStart story award winners for the O&M Group

SafeStart stories come from employees’ work and personal lives and encompass the SafeStart states and critical errors as important tools for others to learn from. Each month the SafeStart committee chooses four winners from the stories submitted that month. Winners are eligible to receive prizes.

Congratulations to the winners of the September SafeStart story award contest! Click below to read their stories.

Bradley Seaver - Complacency Could Have Been Fatal Click to read Bradley's SafeStart Story

In January 2011, I was performing a break in maintenance on a GE 1.5 turbine. I was performing the 100% torque portion of the maintenance. My partner and I started torqueing at the bottom working our way up. This left us with the hub as our final portion of torqueing for the day (fatigue). We would rabbit ear the hub and complete the bottom interior blade bearing bolts and the upper exterior blade bearing bolts we could reach, then rotate to the next blade and do it again until they were all complete. This was very repetitive and required multiple trips out to the hub (complacency). We completed the torqueing without issue packed up our tooling to head down. Before heading down we attempted to clear any errors and found that we had some pitch errors that would not clear (frustration). These errors had us making even more trips out in the hub (rushing/complacency). As I returned to the nacelle from one of these trips to the hub I entered the hatch turned back to disconnect my lanyard and it wasn't there,  I had not tied off returning to the nacelle (complacency). An overwhelming sensation had come over me as I realized how big of a mistake I had just made and what could have happened if I had slipped and fell. I took a break and explained what I had just done with my partner at this point our awareness was raised and we safely completed the job. I will never forget this incident as I think of it every time tie off is needed.

Del Luedtke - Concealed and Carry Click to read Del's SafeStart Story

Not long ago, we had a family emergency. During the emergency we found out that this relative was in bad shape and was being transferred to a specialty hospital about 4 hours away. After a long day at work, we hurriedly rushed home and packed up the vehicle with overnight bags and made the long drive. During the drive obviously in a hurry, we were rushing and definitely frustrated with the traffic and people driving slow in the fast lane, so our mind and eyes were definitely not on task. We finally made it the hospital with our bags in tow. We also grabbed a bag that this relative kept in his vehicle in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately we ended up making this trip multiple times that week, never really thinking too much about this bag. One night my oldest son asked "what was in this bag?"-keep in mind we had made this trip up and down the highway and through the hospital on a number of occasions. The family sat in the waiting room with about 5 other families who had loved ones in the ICU. My son decided to open the bag, just to see what he had been carrying around the last 4 days. As he sifted through the bag he dropped a loaded hand gun with 3 clips on to the ground. The families were obviously surprised and so was my son. This could have been much worse. The gun could have gone off, it could have caused the hospital to lock down or if pulled over could have ended up in jail. He quickly put the gun back into the bag and back out to the vehicle.

Evan Waters - Popped Like a Pimple! Click to read Evan's SafeStart Story

It was a very exciting day for me at work on this particular morning. I was gonna get to be apart of the up tower team for a gear box change out, which I have never gotten to do before. After we had gone over the POD, we had gotten everything together that we needed & started to head to the tower. As soon as we got there the crane operator asked us to yaw the turbine to the west so he could be in a better position for his crane. Once me & my coworker got up tower we attempted to yaw the turbine, the brakes would not release so we started troubleshooting the problem. 2-3 hours later on the phone with tech support the frustration had started to set in, but we finally figured out the problem & we were ready to get this job going! Even though we had wasted a majority of our day on the yaw issue everything was coming together pretty well. I started to feel myself getting fatigued as the day went on since we had been so busy I hadn't gotten a moment to eat or take a break, but I told myself that wasn't gonna stop me since I was dedicated to getting the job done no matter what! And that is where I messed up... since I had that mindset at that moment I got complacent while I was disassembling the left side pillow blocks that the pins for the gear box sat in. I started to rush since I saw my coworker on the right side had already disassembled his pillow block. I had finally gotten everything torn apart & moved out of the way so I told my coworker I was ready for them to start attempting to get the gear box off the main shaft, before they did he came over to make sure I didn't have any parts of the block in the line of fire before we started for my safety or anyone else's. We soon realized I needed to move the bottom pillow block support over just a little bit more so the pin on the gear box wouldn't hit it. As I proceeded to do that the block got stuck in the crevice I had wiggled it in, so I nudged it just right & the block fell backwards towards the nacelle wall. Well, when that happened my finger just so happened to get crushed in between the wall & the block popping it just like you would a pimple. I immediately yelled some very fond words my mom would not be proud of & proceeded to take my safety gloves off to see how bad the damage was.. I had 2 lacerations on the tip of my finger because of the impact & pressure once it got crushed. We also found out later that I had fractured the tip of my finger as well. Thankfully it was just the fingertip that got injured & not my whole finger since that would have made things worse enough that I would have had to have surgery or even the possibility of loosing that finger for good. If my mind & eyes would have been on task then I could have prevented this, along with the 4 SafeStart states. This whole situation has definitely opened my eyes to realizing how important SafeStart truly is, & how its nothing to take advantage of. I will definitely be applying it more & more to my work & my personal life as well.

Shaun Swanson - Dryer Fan Accident Click to read Sean's SafeStart Story

After work I was on the farm and troubleshooting a corn dryer. This dryer has been not working all fall but luckily or "unluckily" because of how wet its been, we haven't needed it yet. It was getting late after exhausting every option we tried a new fan contactor. So I was up on the bin and we were trying the new 240 volt contactor we just installed. I shouted down to the electrician to turn it on and the contactor closed and started smoking right in my face until it blew a 200 amp fuse in the disconnect panel. This obviously could have been worse by blowing, burning my face or blinding me. If I only would have put the cover on before yelling at him to try it. That would have canceled the blast, however it being late in the day. I was getting complacent on having done this exact same thing over and over again during this trial and error I didn't put the cover back on.

More information on the prizes and program is available at the links below.

To learn more about SafeStart, check out the SafeStart page on ECRM.

To read all submitted stories, check out the SafeStart Story Collection HERE. Your HSE team encourages you to use them as safety moments to start meetings.

Catalina Solar and Pacific Wind Sites Host Generation Team Field Training

by Jerome Le Hir, Manager, Generation

On December 5, the US Generation team traveled to the Catalina Solar and Pacific Wind projects in Kern County, California for field training. The participants received great support from the O&M team and Solar Engineering team at the two projects, gaining knowledge of plant safety, technical and financial considerations for solar installations, operation organization for corrective and preventive maintenance, electrical substation, and current challenges being addressed by the Generation and O&M teams.  Included in their training was a visit to the EDF Renewables Solar Test Facility to see different types of panels and mounting structures (fixed, single axis, dual axis). The Generation team walked among the Catalina Solar panel rows and saw up-close the inverter skids, as well seeing a Pacific Wind Senvion 2.05 MW MM92 wind turbine down tower assembly.

In the photo above: John McCown, Conor Jarvis, Wilson Taylor, Dwynne Igau, Gabriel Messercola, Kyle Pascucci, Matt Guernsey, Jeanie Lopez, Rachel Jung, Jerome Le Hir, Roberto Valadez, Ted Cortopassi, Bryan Villano, Sylvia Gibson, Casandra Roberts, James Alfi, Mike Azeka, John Coulter, Carla Hoffman, Blaine Sundwall, Dan Summa, Chris DeVault, Alan Cowan

Click to expand and see more photos of the trip...

Catalina Solar

Solar Test Facility
Panel Close Up
Catalina Solar
Panel Rows at Cat Solar








Panel Rows at Cat Solar
Cat Solar Inverter
Cat Solar Skid


Cat Solar Substation
Pacific Wind
Pacific Wind Tower


EDF Renewables University Presents:

Monday, Dec. 17 - Data Science and Simulation - How Valuations & Transactions is using Data Science to Solve Modeling Challenges

Data Science and Simulation - How VaT is using Data Science to Solve Modeling Challenges
Javad Khazaei - Sr. Manager, Data Science and Simulation
Dec 17th, 2018, 2018, 12-1 pm PST
Shilo II & III or via WebEx

The Valuations and Transactions Data Science and Simulation team has developed several tools to address a variety of EDF Renewables modeling problems. In this presentation, Javad Khazaei will briefly discuss two of these models and how they solve problems related to hedge deals and battery operation.

Join us in person, or via WebEx.

Meet the Renwicks - Landowners at Romney Wind Energy Centre in Ontario

This two-part video series takes us inside the everyday lives of one of the landowners at the Romney Wind Energy Centre which will be located in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the Town of Lakeshore in Ontario, Canada. In Part 2, you can see the turbines of nearby wind farms. Romney has begun construction and is scheduled to be in operation before the end of 2019.

Click here for Part 1

Click here for Part 2

2019 Asset Optimization Continuous Improvement Contest

Coming January 2019

This 2019 contest will reward those who document their best Continuous Improvement efforts.  More information will follow in the Wire and on the Quality Department's 2019 Continuous Improvement Contest page on ECRM.

Get in the game…you can’t win if you don’t play!

Friday, December 14th is the


 for USA 2019 Benefits Open Enrollment

Your annual Benefit Enrollment will be on-line through DAYFORCE. Take action today to confirm/enroll in your 2019 benefits. Open Enrollment will close at 8:30 pm (PST) on December 14th.

Click here to expand for instructions...
  1. Select “Benefits” in the Menu.
  2. Select “Start Enrollment” next to Open Enrollment.
  3. Select “Submit Enrollment” for review by human resources. You may resubmit changes to your open enrollment at any time through December 14th, 2018.
  4. To review what you have submitted during Open Enrollment, go to “Benefits” in the Menu, select “Forms,” locate “Forms Submitted,” and click on “View Details.”

2019 Annual Open Enrollment Packet click here
Quick Reference Guide - Open Enrollment in DAYFORCE click here
Visit ECRM for up-to-date information on Open Enrollment click here

AFLAC Information - If you were unable to make the group session, please reach out directly to Bob Ahearn, authorized AFLAC representative at (909) 754-5734 or All requests to enroll or change your AFLAC policies must be made with AFLAC directly, no later than December 14th, 2018.

Send any questions you have to

Introducing the new Talent Development Team and Resources!

by Ally Endicott, Coaching & Mentoring Manager

Have you thought about doing a personal career checkup lately? How do you think you're doing? We have just the thing to help you to set clear intentions so that you can begin to build a 'vision board' of your own pathway to success for the coming year. We can help you to plan more intentionally by first, having a conversation about what's on your mind, what ideas you have for enhancing your current role, perhaps understanding the business from a different point of view or getting some insights on how to prepare for success in your career.

Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with us and if you would like more information, check out our remodeled site with new information and exciting ways to increase your potential, right here:  Success Pathways ECRM Site. Or, if you would like a one-on-one conversation, we invite you to contact the Talent Development team:  Ally Endicott or Shutopa Das.

"Start the road of discovery and continue your journey towards career enrichment - you're in the driver's seat. Get started now!"

To view EDF Renewables US internal job postings go to your Dayforce, login and click careers!
For EDF Renewables Canada opportunities, contact Laurence Lauzon
For Distributed Solutions – East opportunities click HERE.
To view EDF Renewables Mexico opportunities click HERE.

SAP ECC Production System Scheduled Downtime

Sunday December 16th from 12:00 Midnight to 4:00 AM

The SAP ECC Production system will not be available during this time for a scheduled maintenance.
Plan accordingly.


Infoflash #385 - First Repowering of a Wind Farm in Germany

EDF Renewables in Germany announces the repowering of the Eckolstädt wind farm.

Click to expand and read the details...

Repowering or renewing means the refurbishment of a facility that has reached the end of its life cycle. The Eckolstädt wind farm initially had an installed capacity of 14.5 MW, which has now been increased to 34.5 MW.

This repowering project contributes to the EDF Group's CAP 2030 strategy, which is aimed at doubling its worldwide renewable capacity to 50 GW between 2015 and 2030.

The Eckolstädt wind farm is located in Thuringia, Germany. Developed and commissioned by EDF Renewables in 1999, it initially consisted of 11 first-generation wind turbines.

After obtaining planning permission and benefiting from a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement contract in late 2016, Eckolstädt's wind turbines were fully dismantled by REETEC, an EDF Renewables' subsidiary, in early 2018. The wind turbines' components were mostly recycled and the foundations were crushed to be used as backfill for the platforms of the new projects and surrounding roads.

The wind farm was then rebuilt on the same site and now consists of 10 new-generation wind turbines. The output generated by the wind farm is enough to meet the electricity needs of almost 18,500 German households.

The six-month repowering project was managed by EDF Renewables in Germany. Installed capacity has been increased by more than 20 MW to 34.5 MW, with a smaller number of turbines.

EDF Renewables is currently assessing at other repowering projects in Germany where there is a potential of 4.5 GW or 6,000 wind turbines* by the end of 2020 and around 1,600 wind turbines per year between 2021 and 2026. In France, EDF Renewables is also actively evaluating four repowering projects.

With the growing number of wind farms due to reach the end of their lives between 2020 and 2030 – representing installed capacity of around 76 GW across Europe** – repowering is a growth industry in which EDF Renewables has been developing its expertise over the last few years.

* According to the Deutsche WindGuard study: „Weiterbetrieb von windenergie-anlagen nach 2020".

** According to the WindEurope association, almost half of the European Union's installed wind power capacity – 141.6 GW in 2015 – is due to reach the end of its life between 2020 and 2030.

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