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Holiday Stress and Depression

At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about Holiday Stress and Depression

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Press Release: Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLC Joint Venture

EDF Renewables and Shell Invest in New Jersey Offshore Wind

Left to the right: Almira Brahim, Commercial Advisor- Shell Wind, Cliff Graham, Vice President US Development - EDF Renewables, Chris Hart, Head of US Offshore Wind - EDF Renewables, Tristan Grimbert, President & CEO, EDF Renewables, Paul van Hoorn, VP Commercial - Shell, John Hartnett - GM Shell Offshore Wind Development US, Ryan Pfaff, Executive Vice President, Grid-Scale Power- EDF Renewables, James Cotter, Asset and Project Manager- Shell Wind, Hanson Wood, Senior Director - Strategic Development Initiatives.


On December 19, EDF Renewables North America and Shell New Energies US LLC (Shell) announced that they have formed a 50/50 joint venture, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLC to co-develop OCS-0499 lease area within the New Jersey Wind Energy Area (WEA). The lease area holds the potential to produce approximately 2,500 megawatts (MW) of offshore wind energy – enough to power close to one million homes. This transaction is subject to regulatory approvals. Construction is subject to positive final investment decision.

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The lease comprises 183,353 acres about eight miles off the coast of Atlantic City on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). The area offers strong and steady wind resources in relatively shallow water, close to large population centers with associated electricity demand.

“Shell has bold ambitions to grow our renewable power business and we see great potential in U.S. offshore wind,” said Dorine Bosman, VP Shell Wind Development. “Gaining access to this acreage in New Jersey complements our successful entry to Massachusetts and our existing renewable generation business. Building on the strength of our brand and global presence allows us to continue providing our customers with more and cleaner energy.”

“The opportunity supports the EDF Group’s aim to double global renewable capacity to 50 gigawatts by 2030. It solidifies EDF Renewables ambitions to leverage its depth of experience in the European offshore wind market in the emerging U.S. market,” commented Tristan Grimbert, President & CEO of EDF Renewables North America. “As the costs of offshore wind are declining, the U.S. offshore wind industry is quickly advancing with strong Federal and State support. The industry is well-positioned to meaningfully contribute to the New York and New Jersey economies through employment and supply chain opportunities.”

EDF Renewables already has 2,800 MW of offshore wind in development or operation in Europe- Belgium, France, Germany and United Kingdom, placing the company in a position to efficiently transform the U.S. offshore wind sector, beginning in New Jersey.

Shell first entered the onshore wind business in the U.S. in 2001. Shell has operated offshore assets for decades, has a strong supply-chain network and is one of the largest power wholesalers in North America. These strengths allow Shell to continue to grow its position in renewable power to support the company’s renewable power goals. Today Shell has interests in five operational onshore wind power projects in North America and one operational offshore wind farm in Europe. Shell is also part of a consortium that will build and operate the Borssele 3&4 wind farms in Europe.

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLC will begin working to complete a site assessment plan and initiate formal development efforts on the site, and subject to a positive final investment decision, could bring the wind farm into operation by the mid-2020s.

Press Release: Cypress Wind Project

EDF Renewables Canada in Partnership with the Blood Tribe Secures Wind Project in Alberta

CALGARY, Alberta (Dec. 18, 2018)EDF Renewables, Canada today announced the signing of a 20-year Renewable Electricity Support Agreement (RESA) with the Alberta Electricity System Operator (AESO) for the renewable attributes related to the 201.6 megawatt (MW) Cypress Wind Project. The contract, secured through Round 2 of the Renewable Electricity Program’s (REP2) competitive procurement process managed by the AESO on behalf of the Alberta Government, represents a partnership between EDF Renewables, Canada and the Blood Tribe.

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Cypress Wind is located on approximately 11,400 acres of privately owned land southeast of Medicine Hat, in Cypress County, Alberta, in the Traditional Territory of the Blood Tribe. The project is expected to create more than 250 jobs at peak construction along with millions of dollars injected into the local economy.  When operational in 2021, the electricity generated at full capacity will power up to 100,000 average Alberta homes.  Construction is anticipated to begin in 2020, following the receipt of all required provincial and municipal approvals and permits.

“EDF Renewables is honored to partner with the Blood Tribe and support their tradition of turning innovative economic development strategies into sustainable businesses like the Cypress Wind Project,” said David Warner, development manager for EDF Renewables Canada.  “In the past year, the Cypress Wind Project team engaged with community members, local government officials and local businesses to make sure that the final design was socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.  Our goal is to minimize potential impacts to the environment, local stakeholders and Indigenous communities and to bring important economic opportunities to the Blood Tribe and Alberta businesses.”

Chief Roy Fox of the Blood Tribe praised the opportunity for his Nation to participate in the Cypress Wind Project, “For more than 70 years, the Blood Tribe of southern Alberta has played a key role in the success of Alberta’s energy sector.  Our Reserve is Canada’s largest and these unique and diverse lands and associated natural resources have historically attracted many Alberta industries.  The wind and solar resources over the Blood Tribe Traditional and Ancestral Lands are similarly attractive to the renewable energy industry and it is time we participated actively in their development instead of watching from the sidelines.  The REP2 Indigenous Community participation requirement provided the opportunity to own a renewable energy facility in partnership with a world-class developer. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with EDF Renewables in the Cypress Wind Project.”

Indigena Capital, LP, an investment firm specializing in partnering exclusively with Tribal Nations in the U.S. and First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada, acted as the technical, transaction, and financial partner to the Blood Tribe in respect of the REP2 program.  Chief Fox commented, “We are pleased that our partnership with Indigena Capital continues to bring about opportunities designed to assist us in our ultimate goal of attaining financial sovereignty and look forward to realizing the economic benefit from Cypress Wind.”  President of Indigena, Christine Robertson added, “Indigena Capital is delighted to be working with the Blood Tribe and EDF Renewables to provide capital for a project and a partnership of this caliber.”

EDF Digital Holiday Cards

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Offshore Techs in Germany Send a Message Home

from Bettina Duske, Corporate Communications REETEC

Whoever said technicians were not great romantics? The proof comes in the form of this photo: the heart was created by the captain of the crew transfer vessel (CTV) at the request of the crew members to be sent to their loved ones at home – because sometimes a picture says more than a 1000 words.


REETEC was founded 1996 in Bremen and is one of Europe’s leading independent service providers for onshore and offshore wind energy. The comprehensive service portfolio ranges from electrical engineering, electrical and mechanical assembly, operation and maintenance services (O&M), rotor blade and tower services, major component replacement and repair, aviation aid systems to qualification and training.

REETEC acquired OWS Off-Shore Wind Solutions in 2017. The joint offshore service centre in Emden offers a service hub for wind turbine generators of the North Sea plus a cost effective full maintenance concept. REETEC/OWS has 350 employees.

Since 2007, REETEC is part of the EDF Renewables Group.


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Thought Leadership: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Corporations

White Paper by David Fuller, Director – Origination

Read the latest white paper from the Origination Group's David Fuller.

Corporations are grappling with establishing and managing greener, more cost-effective energy systems in their efforts to overcome challenges related to climate change, volatile energy prices, dwindling resources, and customer demand.

From grid-scale renewable power purchases to on-site production, this white paper discusses sustainable energy solutions that businesses are forging across the value chain.

Explore this white paper for insights on some of the more common and currently available solutions contributing to corporate sustainability and energy efficiency.

Talent Development Corner

by Ally Endicott, Coaching & Mentoring Manager

Did you know that we have access to Project Management courses on Risk, Agile Foundations, Budgets, Preventing Scope Creep, Integration and certification prep to become a Scrum Master? Check it out on (soon to be LinkedIn Learning). has thousands of top notch courses professionally presented and an excellent source of learning for busy professionals.

If you do not have access to, please submit a Help Desk ticket to gain access to your own library of business, analytics, animation, marketing, business intelligence, communication, customer experience, development tools, digital publishing and hundreds more topics that can enhance your daily work experience. Go and take a look now at online learning at its best!

If you have more questions, please contact  Ally Endicott or Shutopa Das.

To view EDF Renewables US internal job postings go to your Dayforce, login and click careers!
For EDF Renewables Canada opportunities, contact Laurence Lauzon
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Mozilla Firefox Survey

IT is evaluating the best web browser and would like to know more about how you are using Mozilla Firefox.

Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Edge are currently available on our computers but we are looking to reduce this to just two browsers in order to offer the best web service while maintaining the security of our system.

If you’ve been using Firefox on your computer help us out by participating in a quick, 3-minute survey so we can understand how you use the browser and its functions.

ECRM for Windows and SharePoint Scheduled Downtime

Thursday December 20th from 8:00 PM to12:00 Midnight

RFC# 1258: ECRM for windows and SharePoint will not be available during this time for a scheduled patching.

For questions contact:

Jonathan Medel Supervisor – Applications Engineering

Cybersecurity Awareness: Hack Anatomy

One user, opening one email, clicking one wrong link could be the catalyst for our entire computing network being compromised. What does that really mean though? Leaked sensitive and proprietary data, files that are encrypted or deleted, blocked access to critical systems, and lost revenue are all possibilities electronic compromises. This article will take you through a recently published attack.

Stage 1 – The Set-Up: The user received a phishing email directing them to visit a website that had been compromised by a malware called “FakeUpdates”.

Stage 2 – The Bait: The malware launched a pop-up window warning the user that their browser was out of date, and asked them to install an update via the provided link

Stage 3 – The Hook: The user activated the link and instead of an update they downloaded a malicious program onto their computer. The program installed and launched a script in the background, opening a backdoor which the attacker used to gain unauthorized remote access into the environment. Backdoor viruses are particularly nefarious because they work in the background and are hidden from the user.


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In three easy steps an attacker had access to the internal network, bypassing external security controls and alerting mechanisms. In the mind of the attacker, this is where the fun begins. The user’s computer now becomes a launching pad for deeper attacks. Once on the network there is no limit to the tricks an adversary can use to move from computer to computer undetected. Their goal? Attain the highest privilege possible and maintain access. With the right privilege they can disable security controls and alerts, create accounts, and access all sensitive data.

In today’s environment a breach is not a case of if, but when. The key is to be prepared by keeping security at the forefront of all computing practices.  Below are some practical steps to help achieve and maintain a secure computing environment – at home and at work.

Education and awareness. Arming ourselves with knowledge is an important piece of this puzzle. If we don’t understand the motives and techniques of our adversaries, we are doomed to fail. Completing the cyber-security training, reading the awareness messages, and maintaining awareness of cyber events in the news are all ways to make you more resilient against cyber-criminals.

Limit administrative access. Users should be granted the lowest possible access and privilege required to do their job. Excessive privileges and access are common poor practices that make computing environments more susceptible to lateral movement – the process attackers use to compromise more accounts once they gain a foothold on a network – which can lead to privilege escalation.

Protect your data. In addition to controlling access to data, steps should be taken to protect it should a compromise occur. Encrypting data, password protecting files and folders, and backing up regularly are all essential elements of a good protection program.

Visibility. Be familiar with the networks and systems you work on. This makes spotting anomalies an easier task (e.g., newly created icons or folders, configuration changes, or odd link addresses).

Reaction and response. We’ve already established that bad things will undoubtedly happen, it is important to know how to respond when they do. Understanding what to do and when to do it can mean the difference between an attempted or a successful compromise. Using the Phish Alert button to report suspicious emails at work, contacting the Service Desk if electronic assets are lost or stolen, blocking or reporting numbers used in social engineering phone calls, and being familiar with information technology and cybersecurity policies are all things that we can do to make sure we are ready to act.

EDF International News

December 2018

From Russia to Gabon via Brazil, learn all about the panorama of recent contracts.

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