Weekly Safety Message

Proper Lifting

At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about Proper Lifting.

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Live Session with Bruno Bensasson, Bruno Fyot and Denis Rouhier

Wednesday February 20 / 3pm - 4pm (Paris Time)

To connect to the webcast on D-Day, click on the link below:

Link to the February 20 conference (English version)

Link to the February 20 conference (French version)

Password: EDF (in capitals)

Touchscreen Transformation: The O&M Mobility App

By Tom Bowers, Director of Supply Chain & Business Systems

A touchscreen transformation is on the horizon for EDF-RE’s Wind and Solar Field Technicians. A new mobile application will soon consolidate their multiple manual processes into a streamlined system that automates data management, eliminates redundant work, and speeds up invoicing – all from a single portable device.

The O&M Mobility Project will provide Field Technicians from the Asset Optimization Field Operations team with Apple iPads hosting the new mobile app. Following the example of a similar project initiated by EDF Renewables Services France, the app will simplify the management of planned maintenance and unscheduled service activities for teams in both the US and Canada. Service updates can be entered directly into the app from any location, then synchronized with the SAP database when an Internet connection is available.

The system’s design offers immediate efficiency improvements, such as digitized data inputs to eliminate paper documents. It also includes embedded features to pave the way for additional efficiencies in the future, such as QR scanning for automated inventory updates.

Development of the application began in Q4 of 2018. A two-phased pilot program is planned for Q2 of 2019, involving Field Technicians and Site Managers. Following validation of the application, a regional waved rollout is targeted to begin this summer.

For more information and ongoing updates, visit the O&M Mobility Resource Library here.


Power in Diversity: Empowering All

By Keri Minnick

An employee-led initiative Power in Diversity has been launched at EDF Renewables North America to celebrate diversity in the workplace and rejoice in the fact that we are part of a global culture under our parent company EDF. The mission of Power in Diversity is to promote Diversity and Inclusion at EDFR NA, acknowledging that both in tandem improve the performance of teams. Power in Diversity focuses on Empowering ALL and advocates for diversity initiatives in the company. This initiative welcomes the participation of all employees across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Power in Diversity vision is to create an environment where Diversity and Inclusion have transformed the culture of the organization to achieve superior business results.

How to define Diversity and Inclusion:

Credit:  Gallup, Inc.

Power in Diversity group, will be led by a a steering committee made up of individuals from different segments of our company to provide vision, leadership, and ideas to help assist with the mission and vision

The Steering Committee has some ideas for events and activities that could be made available  to EDFR NA employees through this initiative. However, to select the best and most interesting content, we need your input! A quick and anonymous survey has been developed to gather perspective on Diversity and Inclusion at EDFR NA, as well as opinions on what type of events/activities would add value to our workplace.

Please take this quick survey to give direction to the new Diversity & Inclusion Initiative no later than February 28, 2019.

EDFR Innovation Blood Drive

By Lauren Seidel

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to our donors and volunteers that came out to support the San Diego Blood Bank in our first blood drive of 2019!

We had 28 donors that gave 27 units of blood this past January 24th. 63 lives have been touched by YOUR donations!

Stay tuned for information regarding our next blood drive, coming this June!

The San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) is dedicated to community health by providing a reliable supply of blood to patients in need. Their vision is to further ensure the health of our community by simultaneously delivering related health and wellness education and services and extending into research. SDBB is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves hospitals in San Diego, Orange, Imperial and Los Angeles counties with blood transfusion products and reference laboratory services. SDBB currently operates six local donor centers and 10 bloodmobiles. SDBB’s Cell Therapy Program provides lifesaving stem cell transplants to patients worldwide.

Feeding San Diego Volunteers

By Valerie Mason

A small, but dedicated group from EDF Renewables San Diego volunteered last Saturday at Feeding San Diego, a member of Feeding America.

FSD provides food and resources to a network of more than 260 neighborhood partners serving 63,000 children, families and seniors each week.

FSD estimates that 1 in 8 San Diegans experience food insecurity, and that includes 1 in 6 San Diego children.

The EDF Renewables group worked from 9-11 cutting and tying mesh bags for fruit, then culling and bagging over 1000 lbs. of fresh pairs (250 bags).

Watch for the next volunteer opportunity from the EDF Renewables Wellness Committee.

L-R, Julia Petit, Lyndsey Shuckerow, Keri Minnick, and Valerie Mason

Morris Ridge Open House

By Christine Karlovic

The development team hosted a very successful open house for Morris Ridge Solar Project, February 6th and 7th in Morristown, New York.  During the two days, over 200 attendees from the community walked the extensive story board presentations and gathered information from the EDF staff and consultants on various topics including permitting, acoustic, and environmental.

The atmosphere was positive and lively with projects very well supported in the area by all key stakeholders (landowners, residents, local, county and state governments). In attendance were State Assemblywoman and State Senator representatives as well as other local elected officials.

NERC’s Recent $10 Million Penalty for CIP Violations

RTO Insider, Contribution by Ming Nguyen

It was recently reported that Duke Energy was fined $10 million dollars for repeated violations of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reliability standards over more than three years that exposed a “lack of management engagement, support and accountability”.

North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) cited 127 violations between 2015 and 2018 with 52 “minimal”, 62 “moderate” and 13 “serious” risks. While most of the violations were self-reported, others resulted from compliance audits. According to NERC, “The 127 violation collectively posed a serious risk to the security and reliability of the bulk power system because many of the violations involved long durations, multiple instances of noncompliance, and repeated failures to implement physical and cybersecurity protections.” NERC also said “as an example, the companies’ failure to accurately document and track changes that deviate from existing baseline configurations increased the risk that the company would not identify unauthorized changes, which could adversely impact BES (bulk electric system) cyber systems.

NERC cited as contributing causes “disassociation of compliance security that resulted in a deficient program and program documents, lack of implementation, and ineffective oversight and training.” It also criticized “organizational silos” illustrated by a lack of communication between management levels and “a lack of awareness of the state of security and compliance.”

This noncompliance incident has received a great deal of attention and there are valuable lessons to be learned from a compliance and security perspective. The common thread for the majority of these violations was a “system lack of managerial oversight,” which pervaded this organization and allowed deficient controls and lapses in compliance to persist for years.

For EDF Renewables, the key takeaways from this incident are in three areas:

  • A strong culture of compliance with senior leadership involvement and oversight is critical
  • Management to actively demonstrate a top-down commitment to NERC compliance and show engagement on these matters on an ongoing basis.
  • Manage and update the compliance program with accountability to perform key compliance tasks on time, effective controls and adequate training

Today, EDF Renewables has a strong compliance program with adequate internal controls and processes and a good commitment from senior leadership and oversight. EDF Renewables will continue on this right path and continue striving to improve our position to best support a sustainable NERC CIP compliance program.

WIRE: the Company App is coming soon!

The Company Communications App, WIRE, is on its way! This app will deliver internal news real-time to your smart phone. STAY TUNED! 


SAVE THE DATE: State of Company

Friday February 22 / 8am - 9am PST

Upcoming topics to be covered during the State of the Company:

  • Financial & Operational Performance Results
  • 2019 Goals
  • North American Development Plan ProgressStay tuned for these upcoming topics to be covered during the State of the Company:
    • Financial & Operational Performance Results
    • 2019 Goals
    • North American Development Plan Progress

To view EDF Renewables US internal job postings go to your Dayforce, login and click careers!

For EDF Renewables Canada opportunities, contact Laurence Lauzon

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New Career Opportunities This Week

EDF Renewables - NEW Career Opportunities

Asset Manager (2 openings) San Diego, CA
or Houston, TX
Asset Optimization
Associate Director, Development- South Central Houston, TX Grid-Scale Power
Composite Repair Technician (5 openings) Various Asset Optimization
Operations & Maintenance
Payroll Specialist San Diego, CA Corporate Human Resources, Facilities,
Training & Development
Program Manager San Diego, CA Grid-Scale Power Development
Engineering & Construction
Sr Communications Manager San Diego, CA Corporate Communications



Ranjith Mahalikudi has joined EDF Renewables as a Energy Storage Engineer reporting to Ganesh Mani, Performance Engineering Manager. Ranjith will be responsible for all technical work to deliver a battery energy storage system as a stand-alone product as well as a coupled power plant with solar PV or wind. This includes engineering calculations, comparing battery technologies, analysis of generation and storage energy profiles, system sizing and optimization, degradation analyses, and providing technical support for engineering solutions. He will be based out of our Corporate Headquarters located in San Diego, CA. His email address is:

Brent Fox has joined EDF Renewables as an Applications Administrator reporting to Jonathan Medel, Applications Supervisor. Brent will be responsible for performing IT functions such as design, analysis, evaluation, testing, debugging and implementation of applications programs supporting the company infrastructure business processes and operations and/or network-based (cloud) product systems. He will be based out of our Corporate Headquarters located in San Diego, CA. His email address is:

Ardeshir Beheshti has joined EDF Renewables as a Geospatial Developer reporting to Ed Jones, Director of Enterprise Architecture. Ardeshir will be responsible technical tasks directly related to geospatial application programming, GIS task automation scripting, database systems and customer interactive mapping development. He will and support existing applications in addition to the development new desktop, web and mobile applications and tools. He will be based out of our Corporate Headquarters located in San Diego, CA. His email address is:

Rachel Harault De Ligney has joined EDF Renewables as an Program Manager  reporting to Xavier Goy, Director of Program Management. Rachel will be representing the owner on the Project Team and is responsible for delivering EDF Renewables projects safely, on time, to budget and to required specifications and quality standards. She will be based out of our Regional Office located in Houston, TX. Her email address is:

Windows 10 Upgrade Underway for US and Canada Field By Matt McColm

In keeping with the EDF Renewables corporate digital transformation strategy all computers issued to employees are being upgrading to Windows 10. Windows 10 provides faster performance and increased reliability and will support faster patching for updates as well as enhanced security. Over 1,000 laptops have already been updated (or replaced as needed) and the last phase is to replace laptops for the O&M Field employees.

IT Support Services has begun the effort of coordinating with O&M Field employees. The effort includes significant prerequisites for the replacement computers to be configured in advance. If you are contacted about the Windows 10 upgrade your prompt response is appreciated.

Contact Matt McColm, Manager IT Support Services, with any questions.

February Classes Available - Microsoft Office, ECRM, and Other IT Training

A variety of technology classes have been scheduled for EDF employees, offered by David Diskin, certified Microsoft Office “Master”.

All classes are offered in English, onsite in San Diego, broadcast live via WebEx, and recorded. David Diskin is also available for team training outside of the schedule.

Visit the Training Course Registration page on ECRM to register for classes.  Once there, click on a course title for a detailed class description.

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