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Shown below: employees at EDF Renewables Mexico gather together to watch the State of the Company address.

Congratulations on 30 Years of Service

Honoring Four EDF Renewables Employees

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The foundation of EDF Renewables’ continued strength and success is built on the efforts of the talented people who make up our team. Their dedication, day in and day out, allow the company to succeed in our efforts to build a more sustainable future. This month, we honor four employees who have reached a significant milestone in their careers with EDF Renewables.

Tad Miller, VP Field Operations, O&M

Tad originally joined Turbine Maintenance Corporation (TMC, predecessor to Difko, FORAS, enXco, and EDF Renewables) in May 1988, starting in Palm Springs, CA, as a technician. He began writing maintenance manuals for the company and became the first corporate safety manager writing the first safety manuals to be used throughout the company.

Tad relocated to the Midwest in the mid-90’s where he worked as the first Midwest Representative for O&M. In that role, he was instrumental in the growth and development of our O&M business. In 2008 he was promoted to the Director, O&M – US and he continued to progress and take on additional responsibilities of O&M for Canada and Mexico.  2011 he was promoted to VP, Operations and Maintenance.

Tad has been recognized as a leader in O&M throughout his career. In 2006, AWEA awarded him “Outstanding Achievement in Operations Award” in recognition of years of dedication to the wind power business.

Mike Cookson, Mechanical Drives Engineer, Dev - Technical Services/Implementation

Mike started in June 1988 as a field technician in Palm Springs with TMC, which was owned by Bonus Energy (now Siemens Wind Power) in Denmark. Mike worked as the lead technician on the Difwind 4 Project. In 1992, Mike was promoted to shop supervisor under Doug Reed and in 2008 was promoted to Shop Regional Manager of the Tracy and Palms Springs facilities, responsible for all of the shop operations throughout US.

In 2010, Mike transferred into the newly created Center of Excellence Group (now Performance Reliability Engineering – PRE) first under Ross Newlin, and now under the direction of Dan Charlton. Mike is still with the PRE group, providing technical service support to our O&M and Asset Management teams where he identifies targeted inspection activities to address reliability and performance issues.

Mike appreciates the growth of the Company and our current position in the industry, stating that, “Working for EDF Renewables has allowed me to build long-lasting relationships across the entire industry.”

Henrik Tolstrup, Material Control Coordinator, O&M Support - Supply Chain

Henrik started working for TMC on a 3-month assignment for Bonus Energy in Palm Springs in September 1988. TMC was established to maintain and retrofit Difko’s 711 Micon turbines in Palm Springs and Mojave. Micon went bankrupt earlier that year and the Difwind projects were in dire straits. Alongside Tad Miller, Henrik created the QC System for the company and reported directly to the chief engineer at Bonus Energy in Denmark. The TMC crew installed 10 prototype retrofit turbines in late 1988 and early 1989. Between 1989 and 1992, with Tad as the shop foreman, they completely refurbished about 550 turbines in the Palm Springs repair shop.

Difko bought out TMC and the rest of Bonus' US assets in 1992. TMC became FORAS in 1996, enXco in 2000 and EDF in 2012. Henrik’s experience and knowledge has led him to be involved with turbine repairs, repair projects, job tasks and job positions, all of which involved servicing a wide variety of turbines. Henrik’s has worked with Quality Control, Purchasing, shop repairs, the Maximo system, SAP processes and many, many other things!

For an entertaining account of Henrik’s journey to America, click here.

DAN SEVERSON, Sr. Project Deployment & Support Specialist

Dan started with BONUS Energy in the Altamont Pass as a Technician and Supervisor. With Difko, he worked as a Manager and Supervisor, with FORAS as a Supervisor, and with enXco as an Area Manager. Dan worked long hours in the early days of the Difwind projects, getting them up and running after construction. He played a big part in getting (legacy) projects running when the company took them over in the early growth years of the business.

Dan is currently in the Project Deployment & Support group, which is a perfect fit for him. According to his coworkers, whenever there is a problem that no one else can figure out, they call on Dan Severson.

Answers: [1) Henrik, 2) Tad, 3) Dan, and 4) Mike]

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DayForce Update

Roll out rescheduled for October

To ensure a smooth roll-out, the Dayforce go-live date has been rescheduled for October 1.

Therefore, SAP’s self-service has returned for use by all employees for address changes, dependent changes, benefit enrollments, etc...

Questions/Comments? Send them to Karen Wood at

EDF Renewables University Presents

Summer Innovation Series: Find Out Why

Join Dalen Copeland, VP, O&M Business Development on Tuesday, July 24, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Pacific Time for this informative session FIND OUT WHY.

FIND OUT WHY is a foundational solution from FranklinCovey for everyone involved in innovation and anyone who serves customers - paying or non-paying, external or internal.

In today's world, innovation is not a luxury, it's a necessity -- and it's not just for the people in the executive suite or in product development. Everyone has the challenge of coming up with new and better ways of meeting the needs of their customers and achieving new levels of results. Organizations that establish a pervasive culture of innovation will win.

If you are in San Diego, join us live in Shiloh II-III, or you can participate via WebEx.

WebEx Link: click here

WebEx Dial-in Numbers

US Toll: +1-415-655-0002
Global call-in numbers:
Toll-free dialing restrictions:
Access code: 923 501 763

Everything I Needed to Know About EVs I Learned from a Solar Panel

Podcast by Jake Susman, VP, Head of Origination for EDF Renewables

If you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel of an electric car, you know they’re the future. So what happens to our nation’s electrical infrastructure when there are millions of them on the road? How are forward-thinking utilities planning to thrive in the world where an overwhelming portion of their revenue–and capacity requirements–will come from electric vehicles? Equally important, what can we learn from the adoption curve of other tech-driven innovations, like solar? Check out this podcast to learn from energy executive, who’s a driver of creating the future for his company: Jacob Susman, VP, Head of Origination for EDF Renewables.

Listen to "Everything I Needed to Know About EVs I Learned From a Solar Panel" on Spreaker.


Operations Control Center Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

Operational Technologies held an Open House at Innovation Campus

On July 13th, San Diego’s OCC celebrated its Five-Year Anniversary with an Open House hosted by the Operational Technologies (OT) department. Over 100 people signed up for a view behind the curtain of the 24/7 Control Center and the work done by the OT staff.

Poster sessions by the knowledgeable staff held everyone’s attention, and participants who correctly answered questions about the topics covered were entered into a drawing to win prizes.

Prize winners were:

  • Suzzonne Donovan -- Nekteck 21 W Portable Foldable Solar Charger with Dual USB ports
  • Francesca Weisser -- Beats wireless headphones, with up to 8 hours of wireless play and Bluetooth connection
  • Bryan Towe -- Boom 2 LE Bluetooth 360 degree portable speaker from Ultimate Ears with 15 hour battery

Desert Harvest Provides SCPPA with 70 MWac of Solar Energy

Project Demonstrates Innovative Structuring Solutions in California

On July 19, EDF Renewables North America announced the signing of a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) for the energy and renewable attributes related to the 70 megawatts (MWac) / 100.8 MWdc Desert Harvest II solar photovoltaic project under a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) + Index structure.  The Desert Harvest II Solar Project is expected to begin delivery of clean electricity to SCPPA’s participating members, Anaheim, Burbank, and Vernon, starting in 2020. In conjunction, EDF Renewables signed a long-term financial hedge for power with Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc.

This transaction demonstrates EDF Renewables’ ability to create customer-centric solutions. Under the SCPPA PPA, EDF Renewables worked diligently with forward-thinking California municipalities to create a structuring solution to address the specific challenges posed by the California “duck curve.”  EDF Renewables is able to provide SCPPA with a PPA structure that shelters the buyer from exposure to merchant prices through the utilization of a long-term hedge, coupled with a 35 MW, 4-hour energy storage system (ESS), which are both the responsibility of and for the benefit of the Seller.

The Desert Harvest II Solar Project is located on unincorporated land in Riverside County, California, administered by the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The BLM designated this area as a Solar Energy Zone (SEZ) and Development Focus Area, land set aside for utility-scale renewable energy development.  Desert Harvest II is also specially designed to generate clean energy while protecting wildlife habitat and public lands. The project will utilize horizontal single-axis tracking solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.

Read the press release here.

Weekly Safety Message

Food Safety

At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about Food Safety.

Click here to read more about Food Safety on the ECRM Safety Always Page.

EDF Group 2018 Presentation

Available for download from ECRM

The EDF Group has published their 2017 results in a convenient PowerPoint format.

You can download this 10 MB presentation from ECRM by clicking here.

EDF Renewables Acronyms

What do they all mean?

Acronyms. You gotta love 'em… LOL (laughing out loud)! Whether it's government agencies or texting lingo, they've become an integral part of everyday life, at least for most of us. Like them or hate them, they are part of our information-based culture. So, what are the most common acronyms used at EDF Renewables? The IT PMO Department has compiled a listing of them, including definitions and links to additional sources of information to ease the confusion. The list can be found on ECRM here.

Is an important acronym missing? This is a living document. Employees can send suggested additions to

EDF Renewables Canada Joins Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

Double your donation through the Give Platform

EDF Renewables Canada, lead by team captain Lilianne Rheault with her teammates (Bernard Dufour, Pierre Noisette, Éric Perras, and Arielle Asselin-Trudel) is taking part in an extraordinary cycling experience. They are teaming up with Make-A-Wish Québec and will ride for 48 hours to help fulfill the wishes of children with serious illness. When their wishes come true, children feel stronger, have more energy and are better able to fight their diseases. For many children, this is a turning point in their battle to restore health.

To qualify for the Company match, donations to support the cause must be made via the GIVE platform.  Check the “leave a comment” box on the donation form and indicate in the space provided that your donation is to support EDF Renewables TEAM ID 5921, that will insure the donation and match go directly to the team fundraiser.

Read more about the team's goals on their Make-A-Wish fundraiser page, but only donations made via the GIVE platform qualify for the Company match.

Conway Elementary School in Escondido Needs Renewable Experts

Give a talk or lead a field trip in San Diego

Lana Brady, a teacher at Conway Elementary School is looking for experts in renewable energy.

She writes:

Hello, I am a teacher at a project-based learning school in Escondido. Each year our students focus on an environmental concern in their community. This year the Escondido Super Stewards would like to tackle ways they can promote renewable energy in their community. We are looking for experts to talk with our students or field trip ideas to lead us on our journey. We would appreciate any information or guidance you could give us. Here is our Adobe Spark Page for last year's project:

Thank you for your time.


Lana Brady

Interested parties can contact Lana at, or by phone 623-680-8844.

Upcoming Events

TPPA Annual Meeting

July 23-25 | Austin, TX

Mid-C Seminar

July 24-25 | Wenatchee, WA

Michigan Energy Providers Conference

July 25-27 | Grand Traverse, MI

NY Energy Market Summit

Aug 6-8 | New York, NY

Energy Exchange / Better Building Summit

Aug 20-24 | Cleveland, OH

CanWEA Golf Tournament

Aug 22 | Calgary, AB