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Test your knowledge of the last State of Company! This quiz is a quick confirmation of some of the key points addressed at the July 13th State of the Company address by President & CEO Tristan Grimbert.

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“What if I missed the presentation?” No worries, you can watch a replay on WebEx, and download the presentation from MindFlash or here.


By Kevin Brown, Information Security Analyst

The protection and security of employees’ work and personal lives are no longer separate. They have become intertwined with evolving trends of social networks, the Internet of Things, and unlimited connectivity. Because of this, cybersecurity is no longer just the responsibility of the company’s IT and Cybersecurity departments. It is now the responsibility of every employee to protect not just their work assets but their personal data as well. Failure to do so puts both you and the organization at risk.

Cyber attackers do not care about age, gender, race, culture, beliefs or nationality. They attack based on opportunity and potential financial gain. They attack irrespective of who the victim is, whether it’s a child at home playing computer games on mom or dad’s office laptop or an employee sitting in the office reading emails. Reports and statistics over the few past years show that more than 80% of data breaches involve an employee as a victim - hackers claim it is the fastest way to breach a company’s security controls. This means that employees are on the front line of cybersecurity attacks.

We must increase our cybersecurity awareness to protect and secure both our personal and company assets. Therefore, it is important that everyone get comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training to learn how cyber criminals target their victims, how to reduce their risk, and how to make it more challenging for attackers to steal their information, identity or money.

Beginning July 30, all EDF Renewables North America employees will receive an automated email from Inspired eLearning detailing cybersecurity training enrollment for the 3rd Quarter of 2018. This will be the third in a series of four self-paced training programs this year. Your time commitment will be between 10 and 30 minutes; however, lessons can be paused and bookmarked to be completed in snippets over several days or weeks if you prefer.

SAP BEx Analyzer Disablement

Scheduled for July 27, 2018

As part of an IT initiative to review and migrate SAP BEx reports to AO reports, BEx reports are scheduled for disablement July 27, 2018. IT has been coordinating with team members in the impacted business units in preparation for this migration. Specific report users have been contacted. If you experience any issues related to these SAP reports, please request assistance from IT Support Services.

In Case You Missed It…

Important Reminders from Past Wires

IT Services: Self-Service Password Reset
You don’t have to call the Service Desk anymore.

Corporate Credit Cards Moving from American Express to Visa
USA & Canada: Fill out a new credit card application form now.

AirWatch for Mobile Devices
Enrollment is mandatory for company devices.

USA & Canada: New Procurement-Related Policy Training
Mandatory Training for USA & Canada.

Values in Action

by Stephanie Sierra-Miller, Executive Assistant to Tristan Grimbert, President & CEO

As a reminder to employees and for those who have recently joined EDF Renewables, Values in Action is an organizational development program for all employees in North America. The initiative is intended to create a better and more collaborative working environment. Visit the Values in Action ECRM Team site for more information.

The program is based on the foundational principals of the Speed of Trust, by Stephen Covey, and deployed to staff through learning modules, called Learning Journey’s, which contain various conversation queues for effective communication that can be used in the workplace and at home.

To revisit or review the Learning Journey’s from the first phase, please go to General Documents on Values in Action ECRM Team site here. All of the videos that are referenced in each Learning Journey can be accessed through the New Franklin Covey web portal. Credentials were sent to all employees via email on Monday, July 16th (Subject: Welcome to the FranklinCovey All Access Pass). If you did not receive an email with login information, please email

Speed of Trust webinars and in-person training for new employees or employees that would like a ‘refresher’, will be held in August and September – see schedule here.

Stay tuned for information regarding the mid-September launch for the next phase of Values in Action!

Should you have any questions, please contact

Press Release: Ivester Wind Project Sale to MidAmerican

EDF Renewables North America Signs Agreement with MidAmerican Energy

On July 24, EDF Renewables North America announced they have closed on an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) whereby MidAmerican Energy Company has purchased development assets associated with the Ivester Wind Project. The proposed 91-megawatt (MW) wind project encompasses nearly 7,000 acres of land in Grundy County, approximately 85 miles northeast of Des Moines, Iowa.

Kate O’Hair, vice president of development for EDF Renewables’ North Region stated, “We are pleased to once again work with MidAmerican Energy to assist them in meeting their renewable energy goals. This opportunity expands on our long-term business relationship having partnered on 771 MW of wind facilities in Iowa.”

The transaction contributes to MidAmerican Energy’s 2,000 MW Wind XI project, first announced in April 2016. By year-end 2020, the company expects annual renewable energy generation to reach a level that’s equivalent to more than 90% of annual retail customer usage.

O’Hair further added, “The development of renewable energy is a critically important task for the nation and for local rural communities. We applaud MidAmerican Energy for their vision and commitment to construct additional wind energy generation and allow economic and environmental benefits to preserve the rural Iowa lifestyle.”

American Wind Week 2018 is Coming August 5-11

Anywhere the wind blows

From barbeques to wind farm tours, dozens of events spanning more than 10 states are in the works. And they all have at least one thing in common—they’ll be celebrating American wind leadership.

What kinds of events can we expect to see this American Wind Week?

  • In New Mexico, AWEA will host an advocacy training on August 10 at Mesalands Community College. Attendees will learn pro tips on how to meet with their elected officials, share their opinions in their newspapers and much more.
  • A camp in North Dakota will teach kids how to fly drones, a growing wind O&M tool.

Members of Congress and state lawmakers are visiting the men and women in their districts who have rewarding wind careers, there will be opportunities to learn about wind at county fairs, and so much more. Keep track of everything going on by following #AmericanWindWeek on social media.

For a look at the growing list of events for this week, visit

Weekly Safety Message

Ladder Safety

At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about Ladder Safety.

Click here to read more about Ladder Safety on the ECRM Safety Always Page.

EDF Renewables Recognizes Employees for SafeStart Stories

Announcing the June 2018 SafeStart story award winners for the O&M Group

SafeStart stories come from employees’ work and personal lives and encompass the SafeStart states and critical errors as important tools for others to learn from. Each month the SafeStart committee chooses four winners from the stories submitted that month. Winners are eligible to receive prizes.

Congratulations to the winners of the June SafeStart story award contest!

Dave Hernandez - With Friends Like These …
I was at Lowes to pick up a few things for the site. They didn’t have what I needed. So, I headed for the exit near “contractor” checkout. As I approached, there were 3 men standing almost side-by-side walking toward the exit. The man in the middle was wearing a gray shirt and was carrying a couple of 2x4s over his right shoulder… Read the rest of the story here.

Gary Parks - Falling from My Tree Stand
Last November during archery deer season, my brother and father joined me on a week bow hunting adventure hunting public land around where we live. It was one of the coldest weeks of hunting I have ever experienced. Our plan was to use an app on my phone to locate all the public land and drive around and find promising places to hunt… Read the rest of the story here.

Daniel Fetterman - Burning Down the House
On superbowl Sunday we decided to have some friends over to watch the game and have dinner. It was my first time smoking ribs on my new grill and the first time that we had a get together in our new house. I had to get up early to get the food prepped and ready for the grill. The ribs were almost done and we were waiting on the oil to heat up so we could have some fried funnel cake wings as well. Now at this point the game was fixing to start and everyone was getting really hungry… Read the rest of the story here.

Dalton Arends - Wear Your Eye Protection
I was working on my rusty Chevy at home after it had blown a brake line. After digging into the problem, I realized all my brake lines would soon follow the same fate. After inspecting all of my calipers and checking the bleeders, because I would have to bleed after fixing the lines, I noticed almost all bleeders were very rusty and already rounded off. So my brake line job turned into brake lines and all calipers as well. Moving a brake line into place and getting it routed started getting difficult, trying to line it up with the unit it connected to. I started rushing as it was getting late, I still needed to eat and clean up… Read the rest of the story here.

More information on the prizes and program is available on the SafeStart page on ECRM.

To read all submitted stories, check out the SafeStart Story Collection here. Your HSE team encourages you to use them as safety moments to start meetings.

25 Tips for Perfecting Your E-mail Etiquette

Experts e-mail tips from

In the age of the Internet, you might find yourself clicking "reply," typing up a quick response, and hitting "send" without giving so much as a thought about what you've just written. But experts agree that your e-mail behavior has the potential to sabotage your reputation both personally and professionally. got in touch with some of the industry's most seasoned e-mail experts and had them weigh in on how to perfect your e-mail etiquette.
Click here for 25 expert tips.

New IT Procurement Procedure for Canada

By Steve Lacasse, Senior System Administrator, Information Technology Montreal

In the wake of the expansion of North American IT Services in Canada, effective immediately, there is a new procurement process for software, hardware, service and all other computer products for both our business offices and our production sites.
This procedure applies to any individual request from our employees and consultants. IT projects must be handled directly by our service. Supply is exclusively process through our partner CDW Canada. A reasonable business case is required for any purchase from a different supplier.

Follow this Six-Step Process to Ensure Timely Service and Follow-up

Make your request by creating a Footprints ticket to facilitate tracking through delivery. If your order contains several items, Choose the most significant product from the Service Catalog.

In the description, provide the following information for each item:

  1. A short, but meaningful, description and CDW reference number for the product from the CDW Canada website (Do not confuse CDW number with the MFG#).
    Example : HP LaserJet Multifunction Color Printer CDW#: 4787720
    (Not MFG# T6B74A#BGJ)
  2. A brief justification for your order, so we can understand your need and perhaps offer you a better solution.
  3. Complete delivery address (so internal services can redirect your request to Canada)
  4. Note that deliveries can not be made directly to our business addresses without a reasonable business justification

Your request will be valid if it contains all the required information, otherwise it will be rejected

A quote request will be issued to CDW Canada and the prices detailed in your Footprints ticket

Your manager reviews the cost for approval

Upon approval, your request will be placed on order with our supplier

Upon delivery confirmation, your ticket status will be set to Completed

Coming soon:
To help you select products from the CDW Canada website more easily, a corporate catalog including our standard products is in development.

Send any questions and comments from Footprints using “I Have a Question” and “Customer Feedback” respectively.

EDF International News

EDF Ramps Up Its Business on Africa’s Off-Grid Market by Investing in a New Range of Products and in Local Skills

On July 16th, EDF announced the launch of two major cooperation initiatives seeking to expand its range of off-grid solutions and to develop local skills for the installation of off-grid solar-powered kits.

EDF and SunCulture are exploring a new segment of the off-grid market: a solar-powered irrigation system for small-scale farmers in Kenya

EDF and Energy Generation have pledged to train women in the installation and maintenance of off-grid solar systems to provide electricity to rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Read the Press Release here.

Business Ahead Any!

Smart city, networks, storage, consultancy, services, lighting ... IN' speaks business to close this first half of 2018. Focus on 20 contracts won in recent months abroad reflecting the active cooperation between the business lines and the International Division. A fast world business tour from Russia to South Africa!

  • RUSSIA: 2 contracts signed in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • POLAND: 1 new contract for TIRU
  • SPAIN: 4 new contracts for Citelum and Fenice
  • AFRICA: 3 new contracts in Senegal, South Africa and Ivory Coast
  • SOUTH AMERICA: 3 new contracts in Brazil and Uruguay
  • SAUDI ARABIA: 1 contract for Ingeum
  • and other contracts elsewhere in the world…
  • … Not to mention the Justice Village's innovation award won by the Legal Department teams, the President's visit to the new One Team space at La Défense, and some news on storage and renewable energies.

Read all the details in the June issue of IN#26 in English and French.

Upcoming Events

NY Energy Market Summit

Aug 6-8 | New York, NY

Energy Exchange / Better Building Summit

Aug 20-24 | Cleveland, OH

CanWEA Golf Tournament

Aug 22 | Calgary, AB

Energy Storage in Canada

Sep 19-20 | Toronto, ON

NAEMA Fall Conference

Sep 19-21 | Denver, CO

Offshore Wind Executive Summit

Sep 24-25 | Houston, TX

Solar Power International

Sep 24-27 | Anaheim, CA

NCPA Annual Conference

Sep 26-28 | Monterey, CA