The Training Team is Expanding their Coverage

It’s not just for O&M anymore, the Training Team will be offering programs for Asset Optimization, Distributed Solutions, and Grid-Scale Power Groups

The Training Department, building on the success of their last three years within O&M, is expanding to cover the entire organization (US and Canada) to include the Grid-Scale Power Group, Generation and Corporate. This change will be effective July 1, 2018.

With the implementation of DAYFORCE and the Learning Management System component, you will be able to interact with the team as they learn about your needs and develop programs for your organization.

The Training Department is a diverse team working throughout the US. Until now, they were focused on technical training for Operations & Maintenance personnel, ensuring they were equipped to do the right thing, the right way, every time. This cohesive and passionate team is excited about the opportunity to bring their expertise to the rest of the organization.

Meet the training team

Trinity Doughan, Director, Training, is based in our Forest City, Iowa office and has been with the company since December 2012. He started in the role of Regional Health, Safety, and Environmental Specialist for the Midwest Region and was promoted to the Director, Training in May 2015, with overall responsibility for the training product currently offered within O&M.

Heather Shimp, Training Manager Business Systems, is based in the San Diego office and has been with the company since November 2005, working in a variety of departments including Corporate Finance and Information Technology. Heather’s current focus is ensuring the successful deployment of all site-level business systems training.

Scott Buehler, Technical Training Manager, is based in Tracy, CA and has been with the company since December 2015. Scott works with his customers to identify necessary training to ensure safe, high quality efficient field and business operations and then designs and delivers this training.

Shawn Fisher, Training Coordinator, is also based in Forest City, Iowa and has been with the company since September 2009. Shawn manages the various tools that the Training Specialists and Trainers use, handles scheduling and tracking of training, and provides overall administrative support to the training team.

Alexa Cordell, Business Systems Training Specialist, is based at the Bobcat Bluff Project (Archer County, Texas) and has been with the Company since November 2012. Alexa currently designs and conducts training programs that boost employees' workplace performance. Her focus has been on business process and policy, SAP, expense reporting, time management, material management and other learning content as well.

John Opris, Training Specialist, is based in Tracy, CA and has been with the company since 1998 in a variety of roles within O&M including but not limited to Site Operations Manager. John currently develops courses and training material for use in training O&M employees on assigned vocational topics

Chris Garcia, OCC/NERC/CIP Trainer, is based in the San Diego office and has been with the company since March 2012. Chris is responsible for all training activities related to the entire OCC staff along with NERC training development and deployment.

Employee Development

Ally Endicott, Employee Development Manager, Human Resources, will work closely with the Training Department to merge the various offerings of Employee Development with Training and expand the reach of Employee Development into Canada as well as to the O&M Team.

Corporate Credit Cards Moving from American Express to Visa

USA & Canada: Fill out a new credit card application form now.

EDF Renewables has updated our credit card policy for the USA and Canada and we are migrating to a one-card program.  You will now use one card to handle all of your business-related expenses including travel-related expenses.  The new credit card policy can be found in ECRM.

What this means to you is:

  1. We will no longer issue AMEX cards - only VISA cards will be issued for new applicants.
  2. Current AMEX cardholders who are paying for their rewards program will be allowed to keep their AMEX card (everyone else will be moved to the VISA card).
  3. The new company standard monthly limit is $10,000 for both USD and CAD.
  4. There will be no more single-purchase limit.
  5. All current card holders will need to fill out the new credit card application form and the employee agreement form on ECRM and obtain proper approvals.
  6. All current VISA cardholders will keep their current card (limit will be increased to $10,000) once a new form has been signed and uploaded to the ECRM page for the card administrator to process.

Approvals for the new and/or revised card are as follows:

  1. Employees hired permanently for 90 days or more, will need at least a Sr. Director level in the same business unit to approve the application with the exceptions below.
  • If hired permanently less than 90 days than a VP or above in the same business unit will need to sign the application.
  • Any limits above the company standard of $10K will also need a VP or above in the same business unit to approve.

If you have any questions, please email the Treasury mailbox or call Kara Vongphakdy at 858-521-3319.

DAYFORCE Tip of the Week

Mobile Devices

Dayforce, your new benefits, payroll and human resources software platform will launch soon. This new software will make your life easier:

  • single and central platform
  • 24/7 access
  • more control over your information

You'll be able to access Dayforce in the office, at home or on your mobile device!

This week, discover how to use Dayforce on your Mobile Device.


The Dayforce Mobile App allows managers and employees to complete and manage various tasks quickly and easily. You'll have access to Dayforce, anytime, anywhere!

Employees will be able to:

  • View work schedules and receive notifications when schedules change
  • Submit requests for time away from work
  • Clock in/out via the mobile app

Managers will be able to:

  • Review & manage employees' daily time & attendance records
  • Review & manage employees' schedules and authorize their worked time
  • Review & approve time-off requests

Viewing Attendance & Authorizing Worked Time

Reviewing & Approving Time-Off Requests

Want to learn more? Click here on ECRM to watch the videos and learn more about how to use DAYFORCE.

Weekly Safety Message

The Effects of Alcohol

At EDF North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about the Effects of Alcohol.

Click here to read more about the Effects of Alcohol and “Safer Drinking Tips” on the ECRM Safety Always Page!

AirWatch for Mobile Devices

Enrolling your company issued phone is MANDATORY

What is AirWatch?

AirWatch is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service that allows EDF to provide better security for smartphones, tablets, and most mobile devices that are used for work-related purposes. AirWatch was selected as the enterprise solution to manage mobile devices.

Why do we need the AirWatch service?

Mobile devices have become increasingly powerful tools, and their use in the work-place is increasing. As the differences between mobile devices and traditional computers drop we need to take similar steps to protect our devices and minimize the chances of a data breach. The AirWatch service allows us to do this.

What do I need to do?

Instructions for enrollment was sent to everyone with a company-issued phone. You can also find them here for Apple iOS devices and here for Android devices. It only takes a few minutes to install.
Visit the AirWatch page on ECRM for more information. If you have any problems with your install, contact the Service Desk for help.

USA & Canada: New Procurement-Related Policy Training

Mandatory: Watch for your E-mail Invitation to Enroll

The Training Team will soon deploy a training program introducing new procurement-related policies. The training courses you will be required to attend will depend on your role or position.

Why are we doing this?

In 2017, an operational review report included a finding that many procurement-related policies were outdated. In response, the Procure to Payment (PTP) Committee reviewed and updated existing policies, created new policies and made sure that all were in alignment with our accepted practices, best practices, and applicable EDF EN policies.

Who must attend training?

Training is mandatory for all applicable employees in the USA and Canada. Click here for a list of policy training topics and which positions/roles will be required to attend each.

How do I enroll in a training session?

The training will be conducted by the Training Department with support from the PTP Committee. You will receive an e-mail announcement of each upcoming policy training you are required to attend, once the dates and times are finalized. The e-mail will have a link to the ECRM O&M Training Registration Page where you can enroll.

Where and when will the training sessions occur?

There will be a mixture of live/in-person and WebEx training sessions. Dates and locations are not yet posted, but they will be listed on the ECRM O&M Training Registration Page and in the e-mail announcements that you will receive. Most courses will have three (3) dates/locations to choose from. After you enroll, you will be sent an invitation with more details.

Training sessions will last between 60 and 90 minutes, including time for Q&A led by the policy SMEs.

Do I have to attend?

Yes! It’s mandatory. After each course, attendees will receive an invitation to a MindFlash course that contains a copy of the presentation, the policy, and a brief questionnaire. The questionnaire must be completed within 10 business days of receipt. If you do not complete this, you will not have completed the training. Questions about MindFlash can be directed to

This is a very important initiative, and PTP Committee greatly appreciates your support and willingness to be a part of bettering our company.

2018 Pulse Awards: It's time to vote!

You have until June 29th to vote for your favorite project

This year, 24 projects are finalists in the 2018 edition of the EDF Pulse Internal Awards. The employee voting campaign is officially launched. You have until June 29 to vote for your favorite project. This year, four categories are in the spotlight. Two winners will be awarded for each category and one will receive the Employee Award. Three of the finalist projects were realized or co-sponsored by EDF EN: GeneSys, Hybrid Power and TITANS on the Sea.

Vote today:

  • Visit the EDF Pulse Internal Awards page on OXYGEN
  • Consult the project files by clicking on the images
  • Click on "vote for your favorite projects" which will take you to the voting page
  • Choose your favorite project among the 24 finalists
  • Validate

AWEA Operations & Maintenance Recommended Practices

2nd Edition now Available

These recommended practices are the creation of dozens of expert wind project operators, engineers, technicians and designers who have teamed up to provide state-of-the-art guidance on the operation and maintenance of modern wind turbines and projects.

And as members of AWEA, this document is available to EDF employees at no charge (non-members pay $500).

Download your copy here.

Infographic: Corporate Sourcing of Renewables

Worldwide Statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

A new IRENA study shows the world market for corporate sourcing of renewable electricity reached 465 terawatt hours in 2017 – enough to power a country the size of France.

The report suggests that with the continued decline in the costs of renewables, corporate demand will continue to increase as companies seek to reduce electricity bills, hedge against future price spikes and address sustainability concerns.

Click here to view the full-size infographic.

Electric Nation: Powered By Wind

Join the over 170,000 members on Facebook

Electric Nation: Powered By Wind is a social media community devoted to wind energy in America. With well over 170,000 members on Facebook, Electric Nation includes wind energy professionals as well as many thousands of everyday Americans. The Electric Nation Facebook Page features daily stories, photos, videos, facts, news and more about wind power and renewable energy, and its members are particularly eager to share wind energy success stories. Electric Nation is a great community for wind energy employees and their friends and family to join. Our members are excited when turbine techs and other wind energy professionals take part in the conversation!




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