EDF Renewables: Our New Name and Logo

But we’re keeping it quiet until April 12!

Last summer, our parent company EDF Energies Nouvelles, initiated a process to consolidate and harmonize the brands of its 20 different entities across the globe and establish a visual consistency.

As a result, on April 12, the names we have been using in North America will be changing to:

There will be a new website for the global group: In the United States we will keep as our domain name. Canada & Mexico will move to and

We will also keep our e-mail address format the same in the USA, with Canada & Mexico joining us with addresses that look like: And don’t worry, employees in Canada & Mexico, the system will automatically forward any e-mails sent to your old address to your mailbox.

Check the Communications Home Page on ECRM to watch a replay of the 20 minute WebEx Rebrand Presentation and hear the whole backstory.

Visit the Brand Assets page on ECRM for logos and a copy of the presentation.

Our New Market-Facing Business Line Names

Grid-Scale Power | Distributed Solutions | Asset Optimization

Concurrent with our overall name change, EDF reviewed how we referred to our business lines in North America and how we could make their names more relevant to our customers.

This was especially true for our groSolar/DES group and EDF Renewable Services who have and continue to develop distinctive product offerings to their customers.

To arrive at the new business line names, we conducted market research, competitive analysis and brand strategy workshops. The process also resulted in brand positioning statements which will guide the marketing and messaging of the businesses while promoting them to customers.

Asset Optimization: refers to the EDF RE Generation Group & EDF Renewable Services

Distributed Solutions: refers to groSolar and the Distributed Electricity & Storage (DES) Group

Grid-Scale Power: refers to the large-scale project development groups in USA, Canada, and Mexico

Order Your New Business Cards and Stationery Now

Order before March 23 and your materials will be in-hand on April 9

Act now so you’ll have all your materials before we go public with our new name.

Click here for the new order site. You’ll also find the link on the ECRM home page under the For Employees tab.

Your first time in, you’ll create an account, choose a username and password, and enter your contact information. You’ll have the option to select formats & languages and order business cards for a group of people using the provided Excel template.

For detailed instructions check your inbox for an e-mail dated March 19th.

Safety Always

Start every meeting with a SAFETY MOMENT

Need ideas for starting your meetings with a Safety Moment? The Health, Safety & Environment Department has resources for you on ECRM. Each week they upload a new Safety Message for viewing online or downloading as a .pdf to make it a little easier for you. Link to their page here, or look under Featured Links on the home page of ECRM



Contributed by Kevin Brown, Information Security Analyst

Every organization has something that someone else wants and EDF Renewable Energy is no different. Our proprietary processes, network resources and digital assets must be protected. That is where security policies come in.

Whether it’s for a critical databases, applications, vital customer and employee information, classified commercial information, shared drives, email servers, or web servers – there must be a solid plan in place to protect them all from compromise. Believe it or not we have security policies that touch on all these subjects and more.

A security policy is nothing more than a set of objectives for the company, as well as rules of behavior for users and administrators, that collectively helps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and computer systems in the organization. A security policy is a living document, meaning that the document is never finished and is continuously updated as technology and employee requirements change.

These policies are designed to meet three needs in the organization:

  • Governing policy: Covers high-level of security concepts that are important to the company. The governing policy controls all security-related interaction among business units and supporting departments in the company.
  • End-user policy: Covers security topics important to end users (e.g., password requirements or acceptable computer use).
  • Technical policy: Covers system or issue specific technical topics (e.g., logging, server hardening or system configurations).

Our approved cybersecurity policies can be found here on ECRM.

These documents will change over time to match technological advances and/or business needs, so always go to the source. If there are every any question contact the Cybersecurity Department at

Windpower Mexico 2018

EDF EN Mexico is a Megawatt Sponsor

In its seventh year, Mexico WindPower 2018 consolidated its position as Mexico’s most important Congress and Exhibition event in the wind power sector. It is the only event organized by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE). The event took place February 28 – March 1 at the Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City. Governors, ministers, high-ranking officials, and international experts joined thousands of attendees. Below are a few photos of the dignitaries that visited our booth:

Leopoldo Rodriguez Olive, President of the Asociación Mexicana de Energía Eólica (AMDEE)
Pedro Joaquin Codwell, Mexico’s Minister of Energy
Gerardo Pérez Guerra, Vice President and General Manager EDF EN Mexico
Tristan Grimbert, President & CEO EDF EN North America

Sandi Briner VP, Corporate Communications
Ma. Elena Valdes Padilla, Senior Manager, Corporate Purchasing, Communications, & Marketing, EDF EN Mexico
Luis Fernández-Cid de las Alas Pumariño Spain’s Ambassador to Mexico
Vilma Trujillo, Associate Director of Energy, EDF EN Mexico
Pedro Goncalves, Technical Director, EDF EN Mexico
Art del Rio, TEI Director, Wind, Dev - Technical Services/Implementation

Gerardo Perez Guerra
Ing. Eduardo Meraz Ateca, Director of the National Center for the Control of Energy
Tristan Grimbert
Laurie Fitzmaurice, Vice President of Business Development
Pedro Goncalves
Vilma Trujillo

Tristan Grimbert
Jose Luis Calvo Ziga, Secretary of Environment and Energy, State of Oaxaca
Gerardo Perez Guerra

Pedro Goncalves
Tristan Grimbert
Gerardo Pérez Guerra
Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, Governor of the State of Oaxaca
Jose Luis Calvo Ziga, Secretary of Environment and Energy, State of Oaxaca

EDF EN Mexico Discusses Sustainable Projects for Oaxaca

In two days of meetings; including a successful business breakfast with the Board of Directors of COPARMEX Oaxaca and Jose Luis Calvo Ziga, Secretary of Environment and Energy, State of Oaxaca; EDF EN Mexico shared their mission to convert innovative renewable energy ideas into sustainable, ethical and high value businesses. The purpose of the meetings was to create connections with and opportunities for Oaxacan companies and discuss with transparency the leasing contracts for the various projects in Oaxaca.  Information about the new EDF EN Mexico 300 MW wind project, Gunaa Sicarú, was received with a lot of interest.

COPARMEX Oaxaca is an independent, non-partisan, voluntary membership union that brings together entrepreneurs of all sizes and sectors, united by a deep commitment to Mexico, and to those in the labor, economic, social and political spheres, inside and outside the country.


EDF EN Canada Le Granit Wind Project featured in David Suzuki Foundation Video

A wind of change in Lac-Mégantic

There are many wind farms across Canada. Many operate as private energy producers, others as co-operatives, and a few belong entirely to the community that houses them. But there is only one wind farm in the country that has established itself at the heart of the devastating legacy of fossil fuels.

This park is Le Granit Wind Project and it is located in Saint-Robert-Bellarmin, a few kilometers north of Lac-Mégantic, a city in southern Quebec better known for its starry skies, beautiful mountains, and more tragically, for a train loaded with oil that derailed and exploded in the city center on the night of July 6, 2013, sowing death and destruction.

This same community, still mourning the deaths of 47 fellow citizens, has seen one of the most modern, profitable and inspiring wind farms in eastern Canada bloom. Sixteen municipalities around Lac-Mégantic that once faced declining demographics and declining property tax revenues now receive close to $ 1 million a year in the sale of clean energy to Hydro-Québec.

Watch the inspiring video here, and if you don’t speak French, invite one of your colleagues who does to watch it with you.

Information from the David Suzuki Foundation blog post by Diego Creimer, Director of Communications for Quebec with a video by Jean-Michel Gaudreault and Alexis Fortin

EDF EN Canada Arnprior Solar

Sheep-grazing, an Innovative Approach to Vegetation Control

Following the successful environmental initiatives Sunny and Honey and The Monarch Project, a third pilot project was recently initiated on Arnprior Solar. Approximately 50 sheep are grazing on the vegetation between the rows of solar panels. This win-win project will reduce vegetation maintenance costs for Arnprior as well as provide a free source of food for the herder who has lent his sheep to EDF EN Canada for this initiative. The sheep are looked after by Dutch, the trusty herd dog.

groSolar Project Updates

Lansing, MI

Despite the record rain totals in the Lansing area, the Sundance and Nixon parcels are making excellent construction progress. Currently 100% of the modules have been installed at Sundance, and Nixon is fast approaching that number.

Annapolis, MD

Despite wet conditions, which are particularly problematic for construction on a landfill, the Annapolis team has made remarkable progress. Interesting fact, the concrete ballasts are poured and cured in New Jersey and then delivered to the project site via truck. It will take more than 500 trips to deliver all the ballasts required for this project. Once complete, we expect this project to be the largest solar system on a landfill in the U.S.

Southwick, MA

Construction Complete status was achieved at the Southwick project on February 23rd. We expect to energize once the utility (Eversource) is ready this spring. Congratulations to Superintendent Eric Emery and the rest of the Southwick team!

My EDF Survey

2017 Results video for EDF EN worldwide

Each year since launching in 2012, the EDF Group has conducted MyEDF, an Employee Engagement Survey covering the entire Group. The survey is important because engagement is a general indicator that reflects the involvement, loyalty and alignment towards the company. These indicators reflect the relationship the employee has with his work, his professional development and his business environment. Employee engagement is a key factor in the successful transformation for any business.

EDF EN has produced a three-minute video with the key results presented, including how EDF EN compares to the global EDF group. Because of a very high participation rate of 88%, the results are reliable and representative.

News from EDF’s International Division IN' March 2018

Take a virtual tour around the world and see what EDF is up to in this month’s issue of IN’Business (available on ECRM in English and French).

  • Distribution system project in Cameroon
  • LNG supply agreement in Mozambique
  • Hydropower and pumped storage study in Kenya
  • Transmission feasibility study in Cambodia
  • O&M audit in Zambia
  • Distribution system performance in Senegal
  • Smart meters in Egypt
  • Citilum in Denmark, Chile, and Italy
  • Electricity study in Lebanon
  • Vehicle-to-Grid R&D in England
  • Water management in Spain & Africa