AWEA WindPower 2018

Over 7,500 wind developers, manufacturers, and suppliers gathered in Chicago last week to showcase new products and services, network and discuss the issues relevant to the growth of wind energy at the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA's) annual WINDPOWER 2018 event.

Our booth was better than ever with all new branding and graphics and a model blade highlighting our vortex generator offering.

Click below to watch the booth display videos.


EDF Renewables played a big part in expressing the Wind Industry's powering forward to reach new heights. President & CEO Tristan Grimbert, who has served as AWEA Board Chair for the past year, handed the reigns over to Steve Lockard, President and CEO of TPI Composites.


Tristan Grimbert, Steven Lockard, and Tom Kiernan address the Town Hall Discussion on May 10

Dayforce Is Coming Soon

Making Life Easier

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be changing our benefits, payroll and HR software platform to Ceridian DAYFORCE. This new online platform will give you access to your pay, benefits and employee profile...with fast, do-it-yourself features.


The Human Resources team continuously looks for ways to SIMPLIFY, enhance COLLABORATION and strengthen DECISION-MAKING capabilities. By STEAMLINING the way we run day-to-day business with this new online platform, the goal is to improve your EXPERIENCE and allow you to better focus on what YOU do best.


  • Full access to updating personal and professional information
  • Enhanced visibility on pay information
  • Instant access to your work schedules
  • Submit time off requests easily
  • Increased manager visibility into direct reports job, compensation and professional data
  • Enhanced manager reporting and analytics
  • Electronic workflow to reduce manual tracking and increase efficiencies

We can’t wait to show you all that Dayforce can do! Keep an eye on your inbox for more information on this exciting new change, including details on upcoming training sessions. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to Karen Wood at 858.521.2923 or

EDF Renewables Thought Leadership Webinars

Asset Optimization & Distributed Solutions

Asset Optimization:

Field Verification of Vortex Generators at Bobcat Bluff

On May 2, Charles Kasmer, O&M Customer Account Manager, joined representatives from 3M and SMART BLADE to present a case study to analyze the effectiveness of 3M™ Wind Vortex Generators (VGs) during a six-month pilot on the Bobcat Bluff Wind Project.

The webinar was moderated by Michelle Froese of Windpower Engineering & Development and was well attended with 202 registrants.

Watch the reply on YouTube.

Distributed Solutions:

Reducing Costs and Generating Revenue with Energy Storage

On May 15, Michael Robinson, Business Development Manager and Andrew Goldstone, Director West, Distributed Solutions presented a webcast moderated by John Failia of Smart Energy Decisions covering how batteries can turn what was once the uncontrollable and perpetually increasing expense of utility bills into a competitive operational advantage and revenue generating asset.

Attendance was great with 369 registered for the webinar.

Register to watch the replay here.

New IT Training Courses Coming in June

Sign up now!

Learn something brand new, or brush up your skills.

A variety of technology classes have been scheduled for EDF Renewables employees,  offered by David Diskin, certified Microsoft Office “Master”.

All classes are offered in English, onsite in San Diego, broadcast live via WebEx, and recorded.

Download the list of classes by clicking here.

Visit the Training Course Registration page on ECRM to register for classes.

United Kingdom: EDF Renewables buys Offshore Project in Scotland

EDF Renewables in the United Kingdom, a joint subsidiary of EDF Energy and EDF EN, has purchased the Neart na Gaoithe wind farm project from global wind and solar developer Mainstream Renewable Power, following a competitive bidding process.

The wind farm will generate up to 450 MW of renewable energy, which is equivalent to the annual electricity provision of around 375,000 homes. The fully consented offshore wind project is located in the Firth of Forth off the east coast of Scotland. It covers 105km2, and has a 15 year Contract for Difference at 140 Euros (corresponding to the indexation of the tariff of £114.39 that was set in 2012 prices), and grid connection agreements in place. This project also benefits from a wind regime among the best in the world.

Read the Press Release here.

EDF Renewables Participates in "Get Fit Don’t Sit" Day

EDF Renewables Wellness Committee

On May 2, EDF Renewables joined the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for National Get Fit Don’t Sit DayTM .

Research shows that sitting for long periods of time increases your risk for health complications. The ADA recommends breaking up sitting time with three or more minutes of light physical activity—such as walking, leg extensions, or overhead arm stretches—every 30 minutes.

EDF Renewables locations around the USA synchronized jump rope and hula hoop contests all during the same hour.

The team at the Pecan & Gutenberg Solar Projects in Garysburg, NC were sweating it out.

And the team at Innovation Drive in San Diego were all in - both inside and outside the building.

Upcoming Events

California Energy Summit

May 15-17 | Redondo Beach, CA

EEI Annual Convention

June 4-7 | San Diego, CA

Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

June 4-7 | San Diego, CA

CanWEA Golf Tournament

June 12 | Bolton, ON

EPRI IWC Meeting

June 13-14 | Columbus, OH

APPA American Public Power Association
June 15-20 | New Orleans, LA

SED Renewable Energy Sourcing Forum

June 18-20 | San Diego, CA

Defense Communities National Summit

June 18-20 | Washington, DC

EV Roadmap
June 19-20 | Portland, OR

Renewable Energy Finance Forum

June 19-20 | New York City, NY

CanSIA Solar Canada

June 19-21 | Calgary, AB