MIREC Week: Mexico’s Leading Renewable Energy Congress

EDF Renewables Mexico a Gold Sponsor

Once a year, a marketplace for the entire value chain of Mexico’s clean energy sector is established to meet, network and learn over four days. This year, MIREC WEEK, Mexico’s leading clean energy & mobility exhibition & congress was took place May 21-24 in Mexico City at the World Trade Center.

L: Mrs. Anne Grillo Ambassador of France in Mexico with Gerardo Pérez Country Manager EDF Renewables.
R: With Luis Calvo Ziga, Secretary of Environment and Energy, State of Oaxaca

Over 65 exhibitors and 2,000 registered participants attended this year.
EDF Renewables Mexico was a Gold Sponsor this year and filled four speaking spots in the agenda:

    Laurie Fitzmaurice, VP Business Development, EDF Renewables Mexico (in place of Gerardo Perez Guerra)
    Laurie Fitzmaurice, VP Business Development, EDF Renewables Mexico
  • THE CHEAPEST RENEWABLE ENERGY ON THE PLANET? Uncovering the analysis behind the success of wind power in Mexico’s 2017 energy auctions
    Pedro Goncalves, Technical Director, EDF Renewables Mexico, Panel Member
    Nicolas Rossel, Customer Account Manager, O&M Business Development, Panel Member

Left: Laurie Fitzmaurice, Right-middle: Pedro Goncalves

Job Spotlight:

Program Manager


Program Manager
San Diego, California

With our strong wind and solar project backlog, the Program Management group is targeting talented individuals to manage and lead all project aspects from Dossier to COD. If motivated by teamwork and accomplishment to deliver high stake projects, this is an exciting opportunity to interface with clients and other third parties as well as most internal functions. Ideal candidates should have demonstrated leadership skills to manage multidisciplinary team as well as a strong industry knowledge to guide the project through all stages of implementation.

Learn More about the specific details of this position.

Associate Program Manager position also available.

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Thought Leadership – Asset Management

Stratton Report publishes summary of Asset Management Webinar

Earlier this month, the Stratton Report posted an article with the highlights from a webinar given last year by our 3rd-party Asset Administration Group. The webinar was titled, “People, Tools, and Planning for Success: What is in a good asset manager’s toolbox?” The speakers in attendance were Larry Freeman, Business Development Manager, Asset Administration, Lee Connor, Asset Administration Manager, with Erik Orsino, Customer Account Manager as the moderator, all with EDF Renewables. They shared their insights on the future of automation in the industry, how to be a great asset manager and how to bring projects to success.
Read the full article here.

Infographic: U.S. Energy Consumption for 2017

From Smart Energy Decisions

Click image above for larger version

Each year, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) releases energy flow charts that illustrate the nation's consumption and use of energy. The latest on "Estimated U.S. Energy Consumption in 2017" shows Americans' overall energy use for the year. When looking at the chart, notice the amount of energy used by each sector, as well as the amount produced by each energy source, including solar, ind, nuclear, hydro, and geothermal as well as petroleum, natural gas, and coal. But don't forget to read the fine print, where end-use efficiency is displayed for each sector.

Welcome New Employees May 2018

Name Title Location Start Date
**Jacques Levesque Site Manager Nicolas-Riou, Qc 4/30/2018
**Julien Colombié Measurement System Analyst Montreal, Qc 4/30/2018
Alan Ibarra PDS Technician Spinning Spur I 5/29/2018
Alejandro Rodriguez Electrical Coordinator Montreal, Qc 5/28/2018
Amy Lindsay Product Owner Oakland 5/14/2018
Barry Downs Fuel Supply Operator Dorchester 5/7/2018
Daniel Kobliska PDS Technician Spinning Spur II 5/29/2018
Eddie Gara Electrical Engineer San Diego 5/28/2018
Eduardo Lerma Wind Technician Hereford 5/7/2018
Jerry Craven Fuel Supply Operator Allendale 5/14/2018
Jessica Duncan Client Support Technician San Diego 5/7/2018
Joan Wehring Sr. Title Specialist Houston 5/21/2018
Joe Ramirez Client Support Technician San Diego 5/7/2018
John Cervantes Wind Technician Bobcat Bluff 5/21/2018
John Massey Maintenance Technician Dorchester 5/29/2018
Jose Valdez PDS Technician Longhorn 5/14/2018
Joshua Miguel Wind Technician Spinning Spur II 5/7/2018
Joshua Ramirez Wind Technician Hereford 5/14/2018
Marcus Rodriguez Wind Technician Chanarambie 5/21/2018
Michael Corrigan Wind Technician Pilot Hill 5/14/2018
Ming Nguyen Senior Compliance Specialist, NERC San Diego 5/14/2018
Sandip Patel Senior Compliance Specialist, NERC Riverview, FL 5/29/2018
Steve Lacasse IT - Sr System Administrator Montreal, Qc 5/14/2018
Thaddeaus Anderson PDS Technician Hoosier 5/14/2018
Vincent Prado Wind Technician Spinning Spur II 5/14/2018
Walid Lapsal Team Leader - Accounts payables Montreal, Qc 5/7/2018

Congratulations! Promotions and Transfers May 2018

Name Title Location Start Date
**Kim Cary Senior Claims Administrator San Diego 4/30/2018
**Raphael Plamondon-Janssen Associate - Asset Manager Montreal, Qc 4/30/2018
Hanson Wood Senior Director, Strategic Development Initiatives Oakland 5/28/2018
Hilde Baumann Creative Project Manager San Diego 5/28/2018
Javier de la Garza Senior Director, Solar Development, Southwest Region Oakland 5/28/2018
Joseph Mosher Senior Compliance Specialist, NERC San Diego 5/14/2018
Kaitlyn Thibodeau Senior Accountant San Diego 5/14/2018
Matthew Walsh Control Center Operator San Diego 5/21/2018
Meghan Muat Senior Manager, Conferences & Events San Diego 5/28/2018
Todd Brogna Manager, Procurement Contracts- Technology Strategy Portland 5/28/2018
Victor Chat Site Manager Shiloh II 5/14/2018
Whitney Loomis Strategic Procurement Manager San Diego 5/14/2018

**missed from the April List.

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