Weekly Safety Message

Holiday Stress Relief

At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about Holiday Stress Relief. 

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Weekly O&M HSE Performance Report

For the Week Ending November 9

The O&M HSE performance report for the week Ending 11/9/2018 is now available on ECRM.

Press Release: PPA for Maverick 4 Solar Project in California

EDF Renewables North America and Shell Energy North America Sign Power Purchase Agreement for Segment of Palen Solar Project

On November 14, EDF Renewables North America and Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. (SENA) announced the signing of a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the energy and renewable attributes related to a 100 megawatt (MWac) / 132 MWp tranche of the Palen Solar project known as Maverick 4 Solar Project. The Project expects to deliver clean electricity by the end of 2020.

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Palen Solar is located in Riverside County, California on 3,140 acres of federal lands within a Solar Energy Zone (SEZ) and Development Focus Area, managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The BLM recently completed the federal permitting process, issuing the project a Record of Decision (ROD), which sets in motion the path forward for project construction.

“EDF Renewables is pleased to have completed the federal permitting process on Palen Solar.  This 500 MW project uniquely positions EDF Renewables to help load-serving entities like Shell meet their long-term obligations under California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by offering smaller tranches at industry-leading prices,” said Ian Black, senior director, development for EDF Renewables.

“SENA, as one of the largest energy suppliers in the West, is actively growing its renewable power business, building on our strengths and capabilities to bring more clean energy solutions to our customers,” said Glenn Wright, vice president, Shell Energy Americas.  “Working closely with companies like EDF Renewables, and its proven track record as a successful developer of large scale renewables, allows us both to better meet the evolving power needs of our customers.”

Black added, “EDF Renewables is a leading renewable energy counterparty, able to structure offtake agreements around unique needs of clients like Shell Energy North America.  We enjoy our close working relationship with SENA and are excited to announce this agreement to help meet its RPS needs.  We look forward to strengthening our relationship on future contracts with Shell.”

For the formal press release, click HERE.

Bluemex Power 1 Celebrates Dia de los Muertos

By Maria Elena Valdes, Senior Manager of Corporate Purchasing, Communication and Marketing, EDF Renewables Mexico

Our colleagues at Bluemex Power 1 celebrated Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) traditionally making their altar of dead, including a caricature of the team created by Alberto Acosta Betancourt (Manager of Photovoltaic Modules).

In the photo: top left to right Mario Ivich (Quality Supervisor), José Contreras (Supervisor HSE), Enrique Carballo (Electromechanical Supervisor), José Aguilar (Civil Supervisor), Luis López (Associate Project Manager), Edelmira López (Executive Assistant), Lázaro Bautista (Senior Project Manager), José Suárez (Supervisor of Photovoltaic Modules), bottom left to right Olaf Medina (Associate Construction Manager), Karen Angulo ( Supervisor HSE), Mauricio Bretado (EXTERNAL - Environmental Supervisor), Alberto Acosta (Manager of Photovoltaic Modules).

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Nuestros compañeros de Bluemex Power 1 celebraron el día de muertos tradicionalmente haciendo su altar de muertos, y con una caricatura  elaborada por Alberto Acosta Betancourt (Gerente de Módulos Fotovoltaicos).

En la foto: parte superior de izquierda a derecha Mario Ivich (Supervisor de Calidad), José Contreras (Supervisor HSE), Enrique Carballo (Supervisor Electromecánico), José Aguilar (Supervisor Civil), Luis López (Gerente Asociado de Proyectos), Edelmira López (Asistente Ejecutiva), Lázaro Bautista (Gerente Senior de Proyectos), José Suárez (Supervisor de Módulos Fotovoltaicos), parte inferior de izquierda a derecha Olaf Medina (Gerente Asociado de Construcción), Karen Angulo ( Supervisor HSE), Mauricio Bretado (EXTERNO – Supervisor Ambiental), Alberto Acosta (Gerente de Modulos Fotovoltaicos).

USA Open Enrollment for 2019 Benefits

SAVE THE DATES: December 3rd to December 14th, 2018

2019 Open Enrollment - For US Employees Only
Open Enrollment for your 2019 benefits begins Monday, December 3rd through Friday, December 14th, 2018. Changes made to your benefits during this period will become effective January 1, 2019. Online enrollment will take place in DAYFORCE. Everyone must access DAYFORCE to officially submit their 2019 enrollment before December 14th. Please be sure to join one of human resources’ Open Enrollment Benefit Sessions. Outlook invitations to be sent out soon.

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  • No carrier changes for 2019
  • EDF Renewables will continue its practice of covering 100% of employee-only medical coverage*
  • Employees who enroll eligible dependents in the United Health Care (UHC) medical plan will make a small pre-tax contribution**
  • HMO and PPO structures for United Health Care (UHC) medical plans remain the same.


EDF Renewables will continue to pay 100% of employee and their enrolled dependents’ premiums for dental and vision plans. These plans remain the same.


Flexible Spending Accounts limits for 2019:

  • 2019 Health Care is $2,700 (with $500 rollover feature)
  • 2019 Dependent Care remains the same at $5,000 (no rollover feature)


Employees outside of California and Hawaii who enroll eligible dependents in the UHC PPO medical plan will make a pre-tax contribution** to the cost of premiums effective 1 January 2019. This premium co-payment has increased from the prior year. The new rates for 2019 are:

Employee only $0.00 per pay period
Employee + child/children $14.41 per pay period
Employee + spouse $21.62 per pay period
Employee + family $39.27 per pay period

California employees who enroll eligible dependents in the UHC HMO medical plan will make a pre-tax contribution** to the cost of premiums effective 1 January 2019. This premium co-payment has decreased from the prior year. The new rates for 2019 are:

Employee only $0.00 per pay period
Employee + child/children $9.96 per pay period
Employee + spouse $14.94 per pay period
Employee + family $27.14 per pay period

California employees can still buy-up to the UHC PPO medical plan if they wish to do so. The payment continues to be the difference in cost between the two plans in California and will be made as a pre-tax contribution** to the cost of premiums effective 1 January 2019. This premium co-payment has increased from the prior year. The new rates for 2019 are:

Employee only $111.30 per pay period
Employee + child/children $200.34 per pay period
Employee + spouse $244.86 per pay period
Employee + family $353.93 per pay period

Hawaii employees will remain on the HMSA Blue Cross/Blue Shield combined health plan until their open enrollment period occurs in May 2019. No change can be made at this time. However, flexible spending account plans must be elected or waived by all EDF Renewables employees during this company-wide open enrollment period starting on December 3rd through December 14th, 2018.

*Except CA employees who choose a PPO buy-up plan
**After-tax deduction applies to eligible domestic partners

Talent Development: Success Pathways

Success Pathways is our one-of-a-kind, integrated talent development program designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive, engaged employees. To accomplish this, we have Five Solid Success Pathway Practice Spheres on ECRM>Human Resources>Success Pathways.

  • Career Pathing
  • Learning & Development Resources
  • Team Building
  • Coaching & Feedback
  • Customized Learning

So, what are you waiting for? START ON THE ROAD OF DISCOVERY and Choose your Success Pathway Today!!

To view EDF Renewables US internal job postings go to your Dayforce, login and click careers!

For EDF Renewables Canada opportunities, contact Laurence Lauzon

For Distributed Solutions – East opportunities click HERE.

To view EDF Renewables Mexico opportunities click HERE.

New IT Training Courses December 3-5

Sign up now!

Learn something brand new, or brush up your skills. A variety of technology classes have been scheduled for EDF Renewables employees, offered by David Diskin, certified Microsoft Office “Master”. All classes are offered in English, onsite in San Diego, broadcast live via WebEx, and recorded.

Download the list of classes.
Visit the Training Course Registration page on ECRM to register for classes.

Next Windows Patching -- November 29/30

by Nick Gallagher, Systems Administrator

This will impact ALL EMPLOYEES:

As part of EDF Renewables’ commitment to securing our end user machines and maintaining our end user infrastructure, we will be patching your system. Windows patching will begin after hours Thursday, November 29 and Friday, November 30, at 6pm PT and will be rolled out to EDF Laptops and Desktops. This should cause 30 minutes of down time during which your system will prompt and warn you of a pending reboot. Some systems will experience longer down times depending on the device. As a reminder, these patches come over the internet and could take a few days to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Click to expand and read what to expect...

What to expect:

You may see a pop-up indicating that patches are being installed. There will also be a pop-up from the system asking for a restart within five minutes. After five minutes, the workstations will restart automatically to ensure that the patches are applied correctly to the system. There may be a 2nd and 3rd restart depending on your system and its required updates.

What you need to do:

Save all your work before you leave for the day, optimally using OneDrive.
The system will warn you with a pop-up before reboot. You will have the opportunity to delay for a few minutes but eventually, the machine will reboot.

Setup Business Hours for SCCM:

We have switched patching tools and are now using Microsoft SCCM. This gives the user base some choice about when the reboots happen and provides convenience to all. To set your business hours to have the patches reboot after hours please use the following steps:

  1. Search for “Software Center” in the windows start bar and launch the program:
  2. Select the “Options” tab and then set your business hours. When possible, the system will install software and perform reboots outside of the hours you normally work.
    Note: This will not stop reboots if the install has passed the 5 day threshold.

For Questions or Concerns:
Contact the IT Support Service Desk at 858-521-3400.

EDF Renewables Our Magazine, Our Energy

News from HQ in France, November 2018 #09

Read the November edition of Renewables, and hear from Bruno Bensasson, Group Senior Executive President, and other leaders what's going on around the globe with EDF Renewables.

• What to remember about Electric Days
• Transversal regards of innovation
• Lazer, the Group's first floating solar park
• JIE, a growing success
• Nachtigal: a decisive step
• Interview with Michel Vanhaesbroucke: "We will build the EDF Group of tomorrow with today's employees"

Click to download the .pdf in English or French.

EDF 'IN Africa

International News From the EDF Group


EDF, IFC and the Republic of Cameroon sign final and binding agreements for the construction of the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam in Cameroon.

Get the details in the November 9 edition of IN'.


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