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Weekly Safety Message


At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about Handwashing. 

Click here to read the safety message on the ECRM Safety Always Page!

Press Release: Successful Vortex Generator Field Testing at Bobcat Bluff Wind

Annual Energy Production Increase of 1.6%

EDF Renewables North America has installed 3MTM Wind Vortex Generators (VGs) on their Chestnut Flats Wind Project in Logan Township, Pennsylvania. The installation follows the successful field verification testing of VGs installed on six GE 1.5sle turbines completed earlier this year at EDF Renewable’s Bobcat Bluff Wind Project in Archer County, Texas.

The Bobcat Bluff turbines with VGs were operated for a period of six months, after which a comparative performance analysis confirmed an annual energy production increase of 1.6%. Full results of this testing are available in a technical report published by SmartBlade.

Read the full press release HERE.

Procurement Related Policy Training is Starting Back Up!

By Alexa Cordell, Business Systems Training Specialist

Over the summer, Procurement related policy training commenced for the Company.  We have since taken a break on Policy training to focus on several exciting Company initiatives like the Dayforce implementation and the SAP Optimization/Competitive Empowerment project.  We are now ready to start back up to complete the PTP (Procure to Pay) Policy series of training and wrap it all up by the end of this year.  What an impressive year of action and initiative!

Click to review important information and further details outlining the remaining policy training:

What policies remain to be trained upon and posted to ECRM?

  • Vendor Management Policy
  • Contract Review Policy
  • Request for Proposal Policy
  • Consultant, Independent Contractor, and/or Temporary Labor Policy

 Who is required to be trained on these policies?

  • You can find the required audience table located HERE
  • If you are not required to attend an instructor led training course, but are still required to complete the Mindflash course, you will be able to access your Mindflash course via a link posted in upcoming articles of “The Wire”.

 How do I enroll in a training session?

  • Enrollment can be completed on the ECRM Training Registration page.
  • There will be two separate opportunities for you to choose from when enrolling in a course, to accommodate scheduling conflicts. If you have any issues with enrollment, please send an email to

 If I am not required to attend one of the trainings, may I opt to attend voluntarily?

  • Absolutely! We welcome employees at any of the procurement related policy trainings if they are interested in furthering their knowledge on a particular topic.  We simply ask that you follow the same registration guidelines.

I am new or I have missed previous communication of this training… Where can I find more information?

  • First mention: April 20th State of the Company Address by Tristan Grimbert (Note: Slide 33)
  • Email announcement of Upcoming Initiative: Sent to “EVERYONE EDF RE” on June 10, 2018, by Luis Silva
    • Included image of applicable audience for each Policy. See it HERE, on ECRM.
  • The Wire: June 14, 2018 Training on Procurement Policies, this included information on how to register and who was required to attend each training. See it HERE.
  • The Wire: July 26, 2018 reminder “In Case You Missed It” focused on Procurement Related Policy Training
  • The Wire: August 14, 2018 Procurement Policy Training FAQs for USA and Canada. This article provides several Frequently Asked Questions with direct links to access the previously advertised trainings on the Travel & Entertainment Policy, the Credit Card Policy, and the Procurement Policy.

We greatly appreciate your support and willingness to be a part of bettering our Company.  Please feel free to contact for any questions or concerns you may have.

SAP Optimization: An O&M and IT Partnership Towards Improved Profitability

By Tom Bowers, Dir., Supply Chain & Business Systems, O&M Support Services

O&M partnered with IT to optimize SAP the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to improve the collection and analysis of profitability data. To plan and implement these changes a collaborative design and plan was determined. Key targets of SAP improvement were the Equipment and Service Catalog, Component Tracking, Warranties, Contracts, Service Delivery, Invoicing, Pricing, Billing, and most significantly, capabilities for Profitability Analysis and Business Intelligence Reporting.

After identifying project team members, planning efforts began in January 2018 with workshops to identify SAP data collection points where increased data granularity was feasible to provide significant value to the business. These workshops included nearly 30 employees from Accounting, IT, Human Resources, and our external SAP partners.

Click to expand and

Workstreams were developed and the scope, schedule, and budget were approved to meet an ambitious timeline of 2018 delivery:

SAP Optimization Timeline Overview


Technology Developed and Tested

The development effort involved the technical experts from EDFR’s IT-SAP support team, consultants from SAP, and O&M teams. The strategic technical goal was to align our customized ERP towards a more optimized and best-practice design. Together the project team collaborated to iteratively review the configuration, validating that the system was being updated in alignment with the project’s scope. During development technical teams incrementally tested the system and end-users participated in User Acceptance Testing. UAT was a critical project phase where testers outside of IT reviewed the SAP changes. With the help of nearly 25 team members over 100 test cases were executed and validated. The UAT process identified defects that were all remediated prior to the SAP changes being released.

New Functionality Released

O&M team members received training on the updated functionality and processes in preparation for the release of the new SAP functionality. After months of collaboration, SAP Optimization changes were released on September 29th.  The operations and maintenance of existing and new contracts will follow new processes using the updated system changes allowing for critical data to be captured.

The Result?

O&M is poised to for the enhanced data collection to support continued growth and success.

New IT Training Courses October 18 - 24

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Learn something brand new, or brush up your skills. A variety of technology classes have been scheduled for EDF Renewables employees, offered by David Diskin, certified Microsoft Office “Master”. All classes are offered in English, onsite in San Diego, broadcast live via WebEx, and recorded.

Download the list of classes.
Visit the Training Course Registration page on ECRM to register for classes.

Cisco Umbrella Coming October 11

Protecting our company from threats associated with Internet usage

Your Information Security team, in partnership with IT, are implementing a new tool that will help better protect our company from threats associated with Internet usage. This tool will be blocking web sites and network communications that have been associated with known or potential security threats. Categories of web sites that pose a risk or potential risk to EDF will also be blocked by the tool.

Click to expand and read more about what to expect...

This tool will be protecting employees on all wired and wireless networks at the San Diego campus. Other physical locations, such as Canada, will have this protection in the near future. In addition to the San Diego campus, the tool will also begin to protect all employees who are using a company issued laptop while off of any corporate networks. This will require the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to be updated. You may notice the a change to how the Cisco AnyConnect client looks (See below).

The enforcement of this security policy will start in the afternoon on Thursday, October 11th. If you receive notification of a blocked web site that is necessary for your job, the blocked page will have an option to contact the Service Desk to request the web site be white listed.

Example of a blocked site:

Example of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN after the update:

Cyber-security Awareness Month

By Kevin Brown, Information Security Analyst

Click to expand and

The number of smart homes in North America is expected to hit 73 million by 2021, making up more than 50% of all households. That means more families will be using the internet for everything from; engaging in social media, to adjusting the home thermostat, to cooking meals, and even having a digital personal assistant check the fridge to see if you have those free-range eggs you like – the possibilities are endless. This connectedness means it is vital to make certain that the entire household learns to use the internet safely and responsibly and that your networks and mobile devices are secure.

Follow these links for even more information on protecting your online world.

Production SAP Business Warehouse Application upgrade
starting October 12, 2018 5pm PST

By Devang Shah - Senior Manager, Data and Analytics 

As part of an IT initiative,  SAP Business Warehouse (BW) application upgrade is scheduled between Friday, 10/12/18 5pm PST and Sunday 10/14/18 10pm PST.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and BI/Analytics applications shall be offline during this time.

Please request assistance from IT Support Services if you experience any issues related to connecting to the EDW & BI/Analytics applications after the upgrade.

Next Windows Patching -- Tuesday, October 16

By Matthew McColm, Manager IT Support Services

This will impact ALL EMPLOYEES:

As part of EDF Renewables’ commitment to securing our end user machines and maintaining our end user infrastructure, we will be patching your system. Windows patching will begin after hours Tuesday, October 16, at 6pm PT and will be rolled out to EDF Laptops and Desktops. This should cause 30 minutes of down time during which your system will prompt and warn you of a pending reboot. Some systems will experience longer down times depending on the device. As a reminder, these patches come over the internet and could take a few days to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

What to expect:

You may see a pop-up indicating that patches are being installed. There will also be a pop-up from the system asking for a restart within five minutes. After five minutes, the workstations will restart automatically to ensure that the patches are applied correctly to the system. There may be a 2nd and 3rd restart depending on your system and its required updates.

What’s next with Dayforce?

The EDFR Dayforce team is continuing to work on building out and refining items regarding phase 1 of Dayforce, and the HR team will be moving to work on Phase 2 in the upcoming weeks!


Click here to expand and see what's coming in 2019:

Performance Management – Align goals, measure, and motivate! Dayforce will help your people win with an always-on approach to performance management.

Learning Management – Engage, Empower, and Develop! Dayforce will provide a platform to combine various traditional learning options with social learning for employees as well as provide tools for tracking and compliance.

Compensation Management – Reward and retain people based on factors that really matter! Dayforce will provide increased visibility to help managers make informed decisions.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!

EDF International Division News


On 8 October 2018, EDF, world’s leading electricity company, and GIBB, a major engineering player in Africa signed agreements for EDF to invest in GIBB Power, a subsidiary company of GIBB Engineering and Architecture specializing in engineering in the energy sector. By building on the skills of GIBB’s energy division and on EDF’s multi-skill expertise, GIBB Power, which is owned 70 % by GIBB and 30% by EDF, aims to become a reference-engineering platform, specializing in supporting energy projects and offering solutions to the challenges of energy transition in Africa.

Read the rest of the news HERE.

Monday Night Soccer in San Diego

By Jerome Le Hir

Employees of the San Diego Innovation office have been meeting up to play soccer every Monday after work for the past three years. The weekly event is a great way to meet people from other departments while enjoying the outdoors. All employees are welcome to participate. In any given week we have around 8-16 players. We adapt the size of the games based on attendance each week and adjust the goal sizes accordingly.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Jerome Le Hir (

When: Every Monday at 5.30pm from March to October

Where: Sabre Springs Park, 12953 Sabre Springs Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92128

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