California Governor Brown Signs 100% Clean Energy Bill Into Law

Plus an executive order directing California to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045

Source: Greentech Media - Julian Spector - September 10, 2018

“California is committed to doing whatever is necessary to meet the existential threat of climate change." .........Governor Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 100 Monday, completing the legislative effort to transition California to fossil-fuel-free electricity.

The law, which calls for 60 percent renewable energy by 2030 and 100 percent carbon-free energy by 2045, makes California the largest jurisdiction to legally commit to clean energy. Brown signed it as leaders from around the world are heading to San Francisco for a Global Climate Action Summit this week intended to rally efforts to stop climate change.

To address other areas of the economy, Governor Brown also announced an executive order today directing California to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 and to be net greenhouse gas negative thereafter. The order will require the Golden State to undertake additional decarbonization efforts, such as capturing and sequestering carbon in soil and building materials. Brown said that a regional electricity grid will also be necessary to meet these goals. A bill authorizing regionalization failed in the state legislature last month.

Read the entire post on Greentech Media.

Distributed Solutions: Annapolis Solar Park

Ribbon cutting held September 11

Source: CBS Baltimore

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — When it couldn’t hold any more, the Annapolis landfill was buried. It is now being resurrected into the Annapolis solar park. All it took was 55,000 solar panels and an investment by Building Energy, an Italian alternative energy company. “So the cost is roughly $35 million, not only the cost of construction, but development and financing of this project,” said Andrea Braccialarghe, with Building Energy.

So how much clean power does $35-million buy? “This will produce 22 million kilowatt hours,” said Jamie Resor, CEO of EDF Renewables. “Roughly enough for 5,000 homes.”

It went online with a ribbon cutting, and Annapolis and Anne Arundel County signed on as customers. “The city [Annapolis] has bought a portion, the school system has bought a portion, the county has bought a portion,” said Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley.

Buying in locks in electric rates for the next 25 years, meaning future savings. In addition, Annapolis will receive $150,000 a year from the solar park’s owner. “They’re receiving a lease payment each year for leasing this land to Building Energy, the owner,” Resor added.

“Yes, cash positive. We like cash positive things in the city,” Mayor Buckley said.

Not a bad return for land that has gone unused for 20 years. Watch the local news coverage HERE.

Next Windows Patching -- Tuesday, Sept. 18 By Matthew McColm, Manager IT Support Services

This will impact ALL EMPLOYEES:

As part of EDF Renewables’ commitment to securing our end user machines and maintaining our end user infrastructure, we will be patching your system. Windows patching will begin after hours Tuesday, September 18, at 6pm PT and will be rolled out to EDF Laptops and Desktops. This should cause 30 minutes of down time during which your system will prompt and warn you of a pending reboot. Some systems will experience longer down times depending on the device. As a reminder, these patches come over the internet and could take a few days to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

What to expect:

You may see a pop-up indicating that patches are being installed. There will also be a pop-up from the system asking for a restart within five minutes. After five minutes, the workstations will restart automatically to ensure that the patches are applied correctly to the system. There may be a 2nd and 3rd restart depending on your system and its required updates.

What you need to do:

Save all your work before you leave for the day, optimally using OneDrive.
The system will warn you with a pop-up before reboot. You will have the opportunity to delay for a few minutes but eventually, the machine will reboot.

Setup Business Hours for SCCM:

We have switched patching tools and are now using Microsoft SCCM. This gives the user base some choice about when the reboots happen and provides convenience to all. To set your business hours to have the patches reboot after hours please use the following steps:

  1. Search for “Software Center” in the windows start bar and launch the program:
  2. Select the “Options” tab and then set your business hours. When possible, the system will install software and perform reboots outside of the hours you normally work.
    Note: This will not stop reboots if the install has passed the 5 day threshold.

For Questions or Concerns:
Contact the IT Support Service Desk at 858-521-3400.

ECRM Scheduled Maintenance Thursday, 9/13, 8pm – midnight

There is a scheduled maintenance window coming up for ECRM this week on Thursday from 8pm – midnight. This maintenance is per RFC – 867

Our IT team will be doing doing security patching.

Jonathan Medel, Supervisor – Applications Engineering, is the point of contact for any issues.

T: 1.858.521.3447

M: 1.858.231.2038

Windows 10 Upgrades...they are coming! By Matthew McColm, Manager IT Support Services

Windows 10 is coming…Be on the Look Out!

IT Support Services is working hard to ensure that everyone at EDF Renewables is upgraded to Windows 10. Over the next few months, if you are still on Windows 7, you will be contacted by one of the Desktop Engineering staff to begin an upgrade. To make the migration smooth, we will require you to save your items to One Drive. When you receive an email from us, please work with the staff member to make this transition happen. We are here to help!  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Matthew McColm or any Support Services team member.

EDF Renewables University Summer Innovation Series #3

September 20 : Practical Innovation, How RAG mitigates the innovator's dilemma

Join Cory Jog, Manager, Innovation & Competitive Analysis in person or via WebEx on September 20, 2018, 12-1 pm PDT for Practical Innovation: How RAG Mitigates the Innovator's Dilemma

There exist multiple innovator's dilemmas and the Resource Assessment Group (RAG) has tried to mitigate these by how they organize themselves. This has led to some success over the past couple of years, including the NODE analysis project presented at the last State of the Company address. It has also helped the group fail quickly in other areas, such as testing various data management and analysis platforms.

In this presentation, Cory will walk us through two dilemmas and how they might be overcome so that your group can incentivize innovation and realize first-mover advantages.

Join us in person in Shiloh II and III or via WebEx.

WebEx Info:

Event address for attendees:

US Toll: +1-415-655-0002
Global call-in numbers:
Toll-free dialing restrictions:
Access code: 921 386 936

EDF Renewables Receives DOE Recognition

Better Buildings Challenge

Gerard Nolan, Sr. Director, Government Energy Solutions, with Maria Vargas, Director, Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge

Energy Department Recognizes Better Buildings Challenge Goal Achievers at the 2018 Energy Exchange and Better Buildings Summit

On August 23, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognized EDF Renewables among the 19 Better Buildings Challenge partners who achieved their energy productivity goals for 2018 and 26 partners who have set new Challenge goals after meeting their initial goals. Since the start of this voluntary program, Better Buildings Challenge partners together have saved $3.1 billion in energy-cost savings and 380 trillion British thermal units of energy.

Since the start of the program, more than 65 partners and financial allies have met their energy efficiency, water efficiency and/or financing goals ahead of schedule. Many of these goal achievers have publicly committed to new Challenge goals, demonstrating that continual energy efficiency improvement is possible even after sizable gains have already been made.
See the full story HERE.

Dayforce is HERE!

All systems are a “GO” for Monday, September 17

What Does This Mean for You? ALL EMPLOYEES

Accessing Dayforce

All Employees will be accessing Dayforce via the Dayforce icon which will be pushed out to all desktops.

All Dayforce information is on ECRM 

This is the best place to go for ALL up-to-date information.

You can navigate directly to the Dayforce page at:

Welcome to Dayforce Wizard

Beginning Monday, September 17th all employees will need to complete the Welcome to Dayforce guided process to validate all personal information AND have the opportunity to update your information . This is mandatory and must be completed no later than Friday, 9/28.

Welcome to Dayforce can be accessed by:

  1. clicking on the Dayforce icon
  2. Select your Employee Role
  3. Click on Forms
  4. Click on Welcome to Dayforce!

Time Clocks - Clocking In/Out

Monday, September 17th all non-exempt employees will be using their CURRENT badges to swipe in and out on the Dayforce Touch clock which will be replacing the old time clocks.

Employees may also use the Self-Service web clock which can be accessed by launching Dayforce icon displayed on the computer desktop

Who to Contact? Dayforce Team Contacts:

  • Recruiting – Tad Neighbors (US), Karina Mavasheva (US) / Veronique Godard (Canada)
  • HR – Karen Wood (US), Cindy Stoik (US) / Laurence Lauzon (Canada)
  • Payroll – Mark Bennett (US) / Julie Francoeur (Canada)
  • Benefits – Melissa Patterson (US) / Julie Francoeur (Canada)
  • Compensation – Suzzonne Donovan (US) / Laurence Lauzon (Canada)
  • Training & Development – Shutopa Das (US) / Laurence Lauzon (Canada)
 What Does This Mean for You – ALL PEOPLE MANAGERS

Time Clocks

The new Dayforce Touch time clocks have been shipped to their locations and have been connected. All clocks will be switched out after the final shift on Friday, September 14th and all employees will begin clocking in on the Dayforce Touch clock on Monday, September 17th.

**Any employees that work on Saturday, 9/15, or Sunday, 9/16, will NOT have access to the current time clock. Managers will need to update their timesheets for payroll as the old time clock will be disabled. Please work with your employees to effectively capture this time**

 Hourly employees will be clocking in/out either on the new Dayforce Touch clock (directly replacing the existing clocks) using their CURRENT employee badge or via the web-based clock which can be accessed by launching the Dayforce application.

  • ALL non-exempt (hourly) employees will be required to clock in/out for the below items:
    • Shift start
    • Meal start
    • Meal end
    • Shift end

**As a manager, you will need to look for these 4 punches on an employee’s timesheet

Legacy System Time Entry

Monday, September 17th will be the last day for submitting timesheets for payroll in the legacy system.

Timesheet Due Date & Paycheck Date on Dayforce

All timesheets will be due on Monday, October 1st by 9am PST, and the first pay check on Dayforce will be Friday, October 5th!

Weekly Safety Message

Workplace Mental Health

At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about Workplace Mental Health

Click here to read the safety message on the ECRM Safety Always Page!

EDF Renewables is Getting Ready for Solar Power International

September 24-27 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California

Innovation Campus Holds 2nd Annual Golf Scramble

See this year's champions!

Team 2018: Jeff Ghilardi, Erik Hale, Bob Szymanski, Phillip Gauthier, Rich Shine, Dan Charlton, Marty Crotty, Charles Kasmer, Jeanay Langer, Matthew McColm, Dan Summa, Alvin Exevea
Winning foursome: Chase Tapella, Damien Plingos, Larry Barr, Kyle Lauter

Longest Drive:  Alvin Exevea  and Dan Charlton, Closest to the Pin: Charles Kasmer and Erik Hale


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