Weekly Safety Message

National Farm Safety & Health Week

At EDF Renewables North America, the Health and Safety of our team members is our first priority. We encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes during at least one meeting of your choice during the week discussing this topic with meeting attendees.

Discover the Weekly Safety Message about National Farm Safety & Health Week. 

Click here to read the safety message on the ECRM Safety Always Page!

EDF Renewables is officially live on Dayforce!

Welcome to Dayforce Guided Process:

As soon as possible, all employees should take a moment to go into Dayforce. The first required task to be completed by ALL EMPLOYEES is the Welcome to Dayforce Guided Process. This will give everyone the chance to review, edit, or change any of their personal information.

Directions to Access the Welcome to Dayforce Guided Process:

  • Click on the Dayforce icon on your desktop to start Dayforce
  • Select your Employee Role
  • Click on Forms
  • Click on Welcome to Dayforce!

Please note this guided process must be completed by Friday, September 28th.

Vacation and Sick Time Balances:

Don’t worry if your balances don’t look right!  Employee vacation and sick time balances will be updated in the Dayforce system once the last pay cycle is completed in our legacy system.  Payroll must be completed in our legacy system first, then accruals will be transferred to Dayforce. If you have concerns, please go back into Dayforce, after 9/28, and things should be updated at that point.

Q&A Sessions for Employees and/or Managers:

Mark Your Calendars!!

Over the first couple of weeks, your HR team will be hosting Q&A sessions for employees and managers to call in and ask any Dayforce-related questions. See below for dates/times:

Dayforce Q&A Session Tuesday, Sept. 25th 2:30-3:30pm PST
Dayforce Q&A Session Wednesday, Sept. 26th 7:00am-8:00am PST

Instructions to Join the Q&A Sessions:

Join from your computer, tablet or smartphone -

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679
United States: +1 (571) 317-3116
Access Code: 995-542-557

Reminders from Past Issues of The Wire:

Accessing Dayforce

Dayforce can be accessed via the Dayforce icon on your computer desktops:

All Dayforce information is on ECRM

This is the best place to go for ALL up-to-date information and employee / manager quick guides!

You can navigate directly to the Dayforce page at:

Who to Contact? Dayforce Team Contacts:

  • Recruiting – Tad Neighbors (US), Karina Mavasheva (US) / Veronique Godard (Canada)
  • HR – Karen Wood (US), Cindy Stoik (US) / Laurence Lauzon (Canada)
  • Payroll – Mark Bennett (US) / Julie Francoeur (Canada)
  • Benefits – Melissa Patterson (US) / Julie Francoeur (Canada)
  • Compensation – Suzzonne Donovan (US) / Laurence Lauzon (Canada)
  • Training & Development – Shutopa Das (US) / Laurence Lauzon (Canada)

First Dayforce Timesheet approvals will be due on Monday, October 1st, by 9am PST

First pay day on Dayforce will be Friday, October 5th

Time Clocks

The new Dayforce Touch time clocks have been shipped to their locations and have been connected. All old clocks will be switched out at the appropriate time, to ensure use of the new clocks on Monday, September 17th.

All hourly employees will be clocking in/out either on the new Dayforce touch clock (directly replacing the existing clocks) using their CURRENT employee badge, or via the web-based clock which can be accessed by launching the Dayforce application.

 All hourly employees will be required to clock in and out at the below times:

  • Shift Start
  • Meal Period Start
  • Meal Period End
  • Shift end**The same clocking device that is used at clock in, must be used throughout the day.

**As a manager, you will need to look for these 4 punches on an employee's timesheet.

Dayforce Mobile App is HERE!

Dayforce has a mobile app for Apple and Android devices and it's now available for employees to download and use. The mobile app is linked to EDF Renewables Single Sign On creating easy login access for you! Follow the steps below to get access to the mobile app:

  1. Download the Dayforce app from the Apple or Android app store
  2. Open the application > click on the “Connect Account” > enter in the company ID (edfre) > select verify company > enter your SSO credentials

Mobile Functionality for Employees:

  • Clock in / out – all hourly employees will have the ability to clock in/out via the mobile app
  • Update personal information – personal contact numbers, email addresses, online profiles, and emergency contacts can be updated via the mobile app
  • Time Away from Work Requests – employees can request time off via the mobile app
  • View Pay Statements – employees can view their recent pay statements via the mobile app
  • View Shift Details – hourly employees can view their work schedule via the mobile app
  • View Benefits – employees can view their current benefit elections

Mobile Functionality for Managers:

  • Approve Time Away from Work Requests – review and approve requests from your direct reports via the mobile app
  • Review and Authorize Employees Time Worked – review employees’ time worked and authorize for payroll via the mobile app
  • Review and Edit Employees’ Schedules – review employees' scheduled work time and make changes if needed via the mobile app

Need Assistance?   Have Questions?

Reference the Dayforce page on ECRM for up-to-date information

or email:

Values In Action

Phase 2 Launch -- 4 Cores of Credibility

by Stephanie Sierra-Miller, Executive Assistant to Tristan Grimbert, President & CEO

Click for full size

Welcome back to Values in Action and the second phase of the Speed of Trust!

For the next 7 months, we will be concentrating on Character and Competence – the 4 Cores of Credibility: Integrity, Intent, Capabilities, Results.

We had some great feedback on how teams were building trust among themselves and would like to further that work by building trust with other teams in the company.

Instead of having weekly content for you to watch and discuss, we will be moving to a bi-weekly cadence, working on each Core for 8 weeks and having only 4 different series of content.

We will begin the program with Integrity.  Click here to see the video and learn why integrity is important for character and how our EDF Renewables Core Values of Respect, Transparency and Passion are related.

Go to the Values in Action ECRM site for more information and the schedule for the 4 Cores of Credibility program!  If you’re interested in being the Values Champion for your team, contact Stephanie at (858) 521-3311 or

Bruno Bensasson & Antoine Cahuzac Visit San Diego

Photos & Video

Executive Team welcomes Bruno & Antoine with a little personality.

Last week, the San Diego team at EDF Renewables North America HQ, welcomed Antoine Cahuzac - former CEO of EDF Renouvelables, for his last official visit to the USA. They also welcomed Bruno Bensasson on his first visit as Chairman and CEO of EDF Renouvelables & EDF Group Senior EVP for Renewable Energy.

The pair attended dinners with the leadership of EDF Renewables North America, as well as being briefed by each of the business lines and support teams regarding their projects and plans for the future. The finale of their visit was a well-attended Hello/Au Revoir Celebration held in the atrium of the Innovation offices.

Antoine Cahuzac was presented with a beautiful framed photo of the Nicolas Riou Wind Project signed by the executive team.

An 8-minute video of the presentation and words from Tristan, Antoine, and Bruno can be replayed by clicking this LINK.

Video Replay from EDF Renouvelables in English

Relive the September 7 Conference with Bruno Benasson, Bruno Byou, and Dennis Rouhier

On September 7, Bruno Bensasson (Chairman and CEO of EDF Renouvelables & EDF Group Senior EVP for Renewable Energy), Bruno Fyot (Chief Operating Officer) and Denis Rouhier (Group Chief Financial Officer) met with employees around the world to share the Group's latest news, half-yearly results and our strategic topics.

Find the replay of the event HERE.

2018 MyEDF Group Survey Coming in October

A few short minutes to make your voice heard

FAQs are available HERE.

EDF Renewables Meets with Governor of Oaxaca

On September 13, Gerardo Pérez Guerra, Vice President and General Manager of EDF Renwewables, Mexico met with the Governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat.

See the Governor's tweet below.

Translation: To continue promoting the development of our state, I met with executives from several wind companies, who presented the advantages of investing in Oaxaca, especially in the special economic Zone of Salina Cruz.

Click image to go to Twitter.


Innovation EV Event Captured in Video

EDF Renewables promotes EV Charging Solutions

Patrick Kelly, Program Manager in Development, worked with Hilde Baumann, Communications Creative Project Manager, to create a video to introduce the EV Expo as a part of our EV - Solar - Storage offering. Click below to watch the video.

For details about the event, see the May 10 story in the Wire.


EDF Renouvelables Canada Raises CAN$4,100 for Make-a-Wish Foundation

Team of 6 biked 1,600 km in 48 hours

From left to right: Arielle Asselin-Trudel, Lilianne Rheault, Éric Perras, Pierre Noisette, Bernard Dufour and Raphael Janssen

EDF Renouvelables Canada participated in the annual 48-hour bike ride organized by Make-a-Wish Foundation during the weekend of September 14-15-16. The goal of the event is to raise money to help fulfill the wishes of children with serious illness. When their wishes come true, children feel stronger, have more energy and are better able to fight their diseases. For many children, this is a turning point in their battle to restore health.

The team of six biked during 48 hrs. Together, they traveled 1,600 km! Even with only a few hours of sleep, the team was always determined and motivated.

The team raised Can$4,100 for the foundation. A special thank you to EDF Renewables Canada who supported the team in this project, to all the employees who donated to the cause, and to the Give program, put in place by EDF Renewables to encourage employees to support foundations. With your contribution, Make-a-Wish Québec Foundation raised Can$2M, which is an all-time record for them!


Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online By Kevin Brown, Information Security Analyst

Kids of all ages go online on a daily basis, whether for school research, to play games, or connect with friends. Even a 2-year old knows how to operate smart devices and which way to swipe to find that video or game they are looking for. While this is common, for parents it can create another level of worry. Kids may be unaware that, while there are many fun and entertaining games and videos online, there is also danger lurking.

As a parent, teaching your kids a few simple safety and privacy habits can go a long way towards helping to protect and educate them while they are navigating the online world. Consider these basic tips for keeping your kids safe online.

Teach them about cybersecurity early

It's easy for children to see the benefits of the internet, but an understanding of phishing, viruses, and even online communication etiquette are things that they must be taught. While their teachers at school may go over certain aspects of internet safety measures, you can help your kids get off on the right foot by teaching about cybersecurity at home. When your kids are young and still use the internet with your help or supervision, it's a great time to start the conversation about cybersecurity, including how to create secure passwords, how to identify secure websites, and other web-browsing safety basics. No one wants to discuss the dangers and bad guys out in the world. But as adults, it is important to talk to our children about the dangers of online relationships and personal information sharing.

Restrict access to risky sites

When your kids are surfing the web under your direct supervision, you are right there to see what they see. When you can't be there, you can set up parameters around their access to certain websites that you consider inappropriate or risky for them to use. Many popular internet browsers allow you to use parental controls to make internet searching more kid-safe. Use the parental controls built into entertainment devices, video game consoles and operating systems to turn off internet connectivity, disable digital purchases and restrict interactions to pre-approved friend lists.

Monitor what they are doing

Many kids have TVs and computers in their rooms. It is important for parents to know what their kids are watching and what they are doing on the internet. Moving computers and TV into the main, common areas of your home will help you monitor what your children are watching and seeing. When this is not possible, there are apps and web filters that you can employ while kids are out of your sight. When these technologies fail, encourage your children to speak up when they encounter questionable content or situations.

Encourage moderation

This tip might not fall into cybersecurity, but it's still important. You can encourage moderate internet usage by limiting your kid's access to it. You can restrict screen time and internet usage not related to schoolwork to specific times, like on the weekend or after their homework is finished. This helps to instill healthy habits in your kids when it comes to using technology. Create and enforce house rules: Experts recommend no more than an hour and a half of screen time daily, balanced with other low-tech activities. Be a good model of this behavior too, as kids learn well by observation.

Stay in the Loop

Teaching kids about cybersecurity will be an ongoing practice, as the web is constantly transforming. You must educate yourself so that you can educate your children about online dangers. Keep yourself up-to-date on simple practices that can increase your security on the web. As your kids grow older and become web experts themselves, maybe they will be teaching YOU about the latest in cybersecurity. No parent likes to think about teenagers sexting or being cyber bullied. However, as parents we can help our kids by staying informed on the latest negative trends. Watching the news, you can find out about the social trends (positive and negative) your kids are facing today.

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